Solyndra: The Green Job

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After all of President Obama’s talk about green jobs, is it possible that Obama might soon be unemployed because of ongoing Solyndra scandal – aka, The Green Job? In fact, The Green Job puts bank jobs and Hollywood action flicks like the Italian Job to shame.

Via Zero Hedge:

This can not be good for a president already mired in 20% real unemployment and 98.9% Debt to GDP: “Nearly eight months into our investigation, documents provided to the Committee last Friday confirm those closest to the President – top advisors like Valerie Jarrett, Larry Summers, and Ron Klain – had direct involvement in the Solyndra mess.  In addition to the cast of West Wing characters with access to the Oval Office, documents reveal a startlingly cozy relationship between wealthy donors and the President’s confidantes, especially in matters related to Solyndra.  While the President claims ‘hindsight is always 20/20’ and the loan went ‘through the regular review process,’ the facts tell a much different story with some of the loudest alarm bells on Solyndra’s viability coming from within his very own administration.”  Next up: “please define the term ‘crony venture capital taxpayer funded loan.” Also, stories like this can not help.

Read the rest of the article here.

It is exactly this kind of government interference in the free market and crony capitalism that is maddening and one more reason why the Tea Party must continue to fight irresponsible government spending, interference in the free market, and corruption.

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