Missouri Senate: Can’t We Stay a Little Bit Longer?

It’s funny (strange, not ha, ha) how Missourians voted overwhelmingly in 1992 to fix term limits in either house of the General Assembly to 8 years with no more than 16 years total in both houses, but the Senate voted 29-4 to approve SJR12 and maintain the 16 year overall limit, but allow a person to serve up to 16 years in any one House of the General Assembly.

It seems hard to believe that given the current economic climate and the failure of governments at every level to live within their means that there was a sudden outpouring of public sentiment to modify term limits. Perhaps Senators were worried about finding work in the private sector once their terms were up – although it’s doubtful.

Senator Jason Crowell voted aye. Action on this legislation is still pending in the House.

If you’d like to let your representative know your opinion about term limits and SJR12, please visit our representative contact information page.


About Terry Kinder
Enjoys business, politics, economics and aggravating the government. Oh, and I have ADHD - did you say something?

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