MOSIRA: Weird Science

If you haven’t heard of or read about MOSIRA – the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act, then Ron Calzone’s article  will succinctly give you all of the “lowlights” on just how bad MOSIRA truly is.

A few of MOSIRA’s many faults:

  • Uses public resources to provide privileges for private parties
  • Gives the governor and other politicians even greater power to pick who has market privileges
  • A wide array of funding issues including mandated appropriation and potentially forcing growing businesses to fund their competitors
  • MOSIRA subsidies may potentially be used to fund embryonic stem cell research
  • Little accountability for funds spent
  • Violates the Missouri Constitution
For a PDF version of Ron Calzone’s article, click the link below.




About Terry Kinder
Enjoys business, politics, economics and aggravating the government. Oh, and I have ADHD - did you say something?

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