TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – December 2011

Each month at the Third Tuesday Tea Time, we ask that you get involved / get active in the effort to save our Republic and our children from the enslavement of the debt created under the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Here are this month’s items for TTTT Takeaway Activism:

Buycott Koch Industries

One of our enemies friends-across-the-aisle suggested a boycott against the Koch Industries.  Koch Industries is a conglomeration of businesses whose owners, The Koch Brothers, are unrepentant Conservatives actively speaking out.  And, they donate quite a bit of money to causes with which we agree.

As a matter of fact, next month’s speaker, Patrick Werner, is Missouri’s leader for American’s For Prosperity which is funded by the generosity of the Koch Brothers.

So, this month the CCTP is asking that you consider a BUY-COTT of Koch Industries products.  If you have more Christmas Shopping to do, or will be hitting the sales after Christmas Day, please consider this list of brands for your shopping efforts:

Here is the list of Brands if you can’t make them out from the image:


  • Lycra
  • Coolmax
  • Tactel
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Dacron
  • Thermolite
  • Comforel
  • Antron Carpet Fiber
  • Stainmaster Carpet
  • Cordura


  • VanityFair
  • AngelSoft
  • Quilted Northern
  • Sparkle
  • Brawny
  • MardiGras
  • Dixie
  • DensArmorPlus
  • Platinum Plywood
  • ToughRock

International Brands:

  • Demak Up
  • KittenSoft
  • Lotus
  • Moltonel
  • Tenderly
  • Nouvelle Recycling
  • Okay
  • Colhogar
  • Delica
  • Inversoft
  • Tutto


Are You A Health Insurance Expert?

Neither are we.
Is your State House Representative a Health Insurance Expert?
Is your State Senator a Health Insurance Expert?
Is your Governor Health Insurance Expert?

Then, why are they working to implement the ObamaCare Health Exchange?!?!

One of our Steering Committee members had a conversation with a Missouri State House Member who represents part of Cape County.  That House member is working to implement a Health Exchange (as directed by ObamaCare) in the event that the Law is not found to be Unconstitutional!

Missourians voted resoundingly against ObamaCare in 2010, but our Missouri Leadership is working towards its implementation.

Did you vote for Prop C to say NO to ObamaCare?!?!
Do you want your state legislator to help implement it anyway?!?!
Do you want your representatives to be working to get Missouri OUT of the insurance business?

If so, please contact your State Representative and let them know that, when you told Obama NO, you told them NO as well!

District 157
Donna Lichtenegger

District 158
Wayne Wallingford

District 159
Billy Pat Wright

District 160
Ellen Brandom

Senatorial District 27
Jason Crowell
573- 751-2459

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