A Discussion of the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act – Part 1

By David Epps:

I attended the Tuesday December 20th, Cape County Tea Party monthly meeting!
John McMillen – Fair Tax / Carl Bearden – Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act were the guest speakers.

John McMillen illustrated how the faith in God is being replaced by a faith in statism. Is not The Tea Party an attempt to replace statism with a belief in individual freedom and empowerment of self? The whole fair tax debate should be about restoring control of the government purse strings to the individual at the check out line. The joining of the two efforts is a natural coalition.

I was very disheartened by the inclusion of food being subject to a sales tax increase! I am really getting tired of running with the Turkeys when they could soar like Eagles! Appeals to prejudice win more arguments than logic! Carl Bearden appealed to the logic and on that score the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act will win the debate. That’s Eagle Soaring! But it will lose the argument because the Act will cause food prices to go up and there is not an equally emotional counter argument. That’s Turkey running.

When the topic of food tax increase came up, Carl Bearden used rational debate points; food stamps are excluded, the Act needs the additional revenue stream from the tax on food. And of course the increase in sales tax is offset by no income tax. I suspect, however, on a deeper level that Bearden does not want to use emotional arguments because in his mind that would not be according to Hoyle. The opposition does not play according to Hoyle and will use the emotional argument and Carl Bearden and the ACT have nothing on that score. You can’t win a debate or an argument if you have nothing.

To win against community organizers you have got to appeal to the emotion. Accept it, do not turn the other cheek, that is the way today’s game is played.

According to Hoyle:
A Logical Fallacy is a false argument that appeals to emotion or prejudice rather than to logic, facts of the issue, or reason. These fallacious arguments sometimes can win arguments quickly. But most importantly an emotional argument based on truth will always win.

The false argument is that food prices go up. Well no they don’t because the income tax offsets the increase. But because food prices are emotional subject all other factors are ignored.Unfortunately, the decisions arrived at through such false arguments are sometimes poor ones. Not all appeals to emotion are false arguments, however The real world abounds with both examples.Ethanol wins because the arguments that it eliminates pollution is stronger than corn is a food.

  • The Ohio’s Issue 2 Anti-Union Law was defeated because policemen and firemen were included!
  • The House republicans are losing their 1 year tax reduction argument which they passed.
  • Herman Cain withdrew based on accusations of womanizing even though the evidence was hearsay!
  • Farmers will balk if food prices go up because they take all the blame regardless of the reason.
  • Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act will go down in defeat because it increases the cost of food.

Each of the arguments could have been turned around if you follow simple rules:

  1. Never concede the emotional argument.
  2. Always supply an emotional argument in favor of the proposition.
  • Ethanol eliminates pollution, the EPA says so!
  • As long as policemen and firemen come to our rescue let them get whatever they need.
  • The House bill included JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Boehner should have pressed that point home.
  • Cain should have fessed up to associations and leaked even more to the press.
  • Farmers will love anything that is perceived as reduction in food prices!

The people will vote for anything that reduces their living expenses.To counter Carl Bearden debate point, It is irrelevant if a proposition cannot work incertain of its details. The Senate just passed a 2 month tax reduction even though the government says that it is impossible to implement. The Senate Republicans sabotaged their House brethren effort by voting for the Senate 2 month extension, that can’t be implemented.Now are John McMillen and Carl Bearden in it to win, or not? When they propose an increase of taxes on the basic necessities of life, food, housing, and energy, I think not.

I propose that since they are going to all the trouble to change the Missouri tax system. Supply an emotional argument in favor and let it soar like an Eagle. The necessities were never subject to a tax after we dumped the tea in the harbor. The American people have always supplied their own food, shelter, and energy. We neither want the government to provide those for us nor do we want the government to take those from US.

Eliminate all state sales taxes on food, rentals, and energy, the necessities of life! After all, an appeal to emotion against the tax on tea,  morphed into a cry for revolution and the founding of a new country!

Women, by the way, will decide the fate of the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act!
Why? Because Women know, The way to a mans heart is through his stomach!

David Epps
Cape Girardeau, MO


  1. Add Missouri state sales tax on internet sales to make up the revenue lost by elimination of sales tax on food. This will create an even playing field for Missouri’s merchants.
  2. Also, to counter the Realtors objection to the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act just point out that they too made money, and lots of it, through out the lead up and during the housing market collapse. They were present when the property sale closed to get their commission check and knew exactly what mortgages were being signed and by whom and they said nothing!


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One Response to A Discussion of the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act – Part 1

  1. bbollmann says:

    John wanted to pass along that the notation on Fair Tax Nation Community Coordinator is out of date (http://www.fairtaxnation.com/group/missourifairtax) — a two year out of date source. There is no MO Fairtax.

    The Missouri income tax replacement measure has evolved over the last 3 or 4 years. It’s final form will be what the Court rules can be on the final petition for the “Missouri Taxpayers Relief Act” initiative.

    He does in fact support and promote the National Fairtax, US House Bill HR-25 but also supports the Missouri Taxpayers Relief Act because they both replace the current income tax… HR-25 replaces Federal Income Tax…Missouri Taxpayers Relief Act replaces Missouri Income Tax. Two totally different frameworks and measures.

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