A Letter To Governor Nixon

Governor Nixon,https://i0.wp.com/governor.mo.gov/img/GovernorNixon.jpg

What plans could be made to get Federal Funding out of our School system?  The schools are introducing objectionable and age-inappropriate material to our children.  I believe to keep the integrity of midwest Christian values in our schools, we need to get away from the socialist anti-history, anti-family, anti-community agenda.  We do not need to force-feed our children diversity and green thinking which will undermine their ability to own personal property.

It should be that the diverse that come to this country adopt American values and abide by our laws and respect our the religious values that successfully founded the American society.

Or, maybe we need as a community to replace the public schools with Charter Schools unregulated by any State or Federal bureaucracy.


Janet Boston

About bbollmann
A Missouri Conservative who like to rock... ...especially to the great music of Rush!

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