.Household Helpful Hints

Some helpful hints around the house:

Use a (clean) dustpan to fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink:
Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can:
Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add things to your key ring:
Put wooden spoon across boiling pot of water to keep from boiling over:
Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes:
How to put shoes in the dryer:
Use sunglasses or a small convex mirror to avoid people sneakingup on you while wearing headphones at work:
How to keep the straw from rising out of your soda can:
Use a microfiber cloth to prevent frost from forming on the windshield:
Use a Comb to Keep a Nail Steady for Hammering:
Use a post it note to catch drilling debris:

Primary Election 8/7/12 – Cape County Sample Ballots

Here are the (sample) ballots for the upcoming 8/7/12 Primary Election:

Constitution Party:

Constitution Party – C2

Constitution Party – C3

Constitution Party – C4

Constitution Party – C5

Constitution Party – C6

Democratic Party:

Democratic Party – D2

Democratic Party – D3

Democratic Party – D4

Democratic Party – D5

Democratic Party – D6

Libertarian Party:

Libertarian Party – L2

Libertarian Party – L3

Libertarian Party – L4

Libertarian Party – L5

Libertarian Party – L6


Non-Partisan – NP1

Republican Party:

Republican Party – R2

Republican Party – R3

Republican Party – R4

Republican Party – R5

Republican Party – R6


Be sure to take your rights out for some exercise on Election Day!!

Cape County Tea Party – 2012 Candidate Forum

Cape County Tea Party – 2012 Candidate Forum

On July 17th, 2012 at 6:30pm, we are proud to present the Cape County Tea Party – 2012 Candidate Forum.


We are thrilled that 24 candidates who are seeking to represent the citizens of Cape Girardeau County have agreed to participate in the forum!


The forum will be held at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center:

  • 1080 S. Silver Springs Road
  • Cape Girardeau, MO 63703


Candidate Letter

Click here to read the letter detailing the even to the participants.

Confirmed Candidates

U.S. Congress – Senate
Todd Akin
Jerry Beck
Hector Maldonado
John Brunner

U.S. Congress – House
Bob Parker
Rick Vandeven

Missouri – Governor
Bill Randles (sending representative)
Jim Higgins (sending representative Greg Tlapek)
Fred Sauer (sending representative Fred Sauer Jr.)

Missouri – Lieutenant Governor
Cynthia Davis
Brad Lager (sending representative)

Missouri – SOS
Shane Schoeller
Bill Stouffer
Scott Rupp

Missouri – Treasurer
Cole McNary

Missouri – AG
Ed Martin (sending representative Steve Michael)

CCTP – State Senate
Wayne Wallingford
Ellen Brandom

CCTP – State House
Van Hitt
Donna Lichtenegger
Gerald Adams
Kathy Swan

CCTP – County Commissioner
Jay Purcell
Moe Sandfort
Charlie Herbst


CDC Warns Of New STD

I could swear that I heard a news story that Missouri was the Gonorrhea Capitol of the USA, but as it turns out, the Gonorrhea Capitol of the USA is… …wait for it… …Washington, DC!

US Capitol

Now, received via e-mail, there seems to be a new strain of the STD that we need to worry about:

Gonorrhea Lectim – New Deadly Disease (UNCLASSIFIED)


The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called “Gonorrhea Lectim.”

It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect em”.

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving exposing your rectum and inserting your your cranium. Many victims contracted it in 2008…But now most people, after having been infected for the past 1-3 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.

It’s sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug that’s always been on the market called Votemout.

You take the first dose now and the second dose in November 2012 and simply don’t engage in such behavior again; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – June 2012

Each month at the Third Tuesday Tea Time, we ask that you get involved / get active in the effort to save our Republic and our children from the enslavement of the debt created under the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Here are this month’s items for TTTT Takeaway Activism:


Missouri Primary / November Election

Are You Registered?

July 11th is the last day to register to vote in the Missouri Primary.  Are you registered to vote?  Don’t know?  You can go to either of these web sites to look up your status:



14% of Americans think they’re registered properly, but they’re not… …that amounts to approximately 33 million unregistered Americans.

Register Your Children

Are your children registered?  Do you know the rules for how / where your college-aged children can register and vote?

Will You Be On Vacation / Working Out Of Town?

Do you need to obtain and submit an absentee ballot?  When can you get the ballot? How late can you submit your vote?

Talk To Your Friends!  Get Them To Vote!

Because of what’s at stake in the upcoming November elections, make sure that your like-minded friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are registered to vote, so we can really make an impact on the future of our nation by voting in both August and November.  If those of us who are registered will get just ONE other person to register and vote, we’ll double our numbers!

Statistics say that 40% of Americans are conservative and another 15% are like-minded in their thinking.  If we get every one of these people to vote for conservative candidates, there’s no way we will ever lose again.

Take your rights out for some exercise on Election Day!

War On Coal

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the U.S. Senate will vote on stopping Obama’s War on Coal, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for Missouri. But Senator Claire McCaskill remains publicly undecided and is likely to vote with Obama to make electricity prices skyrocket!

So, before you go to bed tonight, click the link below through which you can urge Claire McCaskill to stop supporting Obama’s War on Coal!

Contact Your Senators!

Tell her to stop the phony Washington games and to VOTE YES on S.J. RES 37!

If the outrageous Utility MACT rule isn’t stopped, electricity prices in Missouri and across the country will spike and tens of thousands will be put out of work. Obama will be emboldened to move forward with an agenda that he himself explained would make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket” and make it so that “if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can – it’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

A recent study from the Missouri Public Service Commission estimated the compliance costs of the Utility MACT rule for Ameren, Empire, and KCP&L. The shocking conclusion: “the overall cost to the electric utilities and potentially their customers would be in an approximate range of $1,981,000,000 to $3,276,000,000.”

That means sharply higher electric bills for homes and businesses.

We can’t let that happen. Take action now.

Blunt Supports…

…everything the Healthcare Mandate was going to pay for, but not the Healthcare Mandate?!?

Michelle Malkin called out Senator Blunt:

(h/t TPM) GOP Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, vice chair of the Senate GOP Conference, told a St. Louis radio station two weeks ago that he supports keeping at least three ObamaCare regulatory pillars:

  • Federally imposed coverage of “children” up to age 26 on their parents’ health insurance policies (the infamous, unfunded “slacker mandate”)
  • Federally mandated coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions (“guaranteed issue,” which turns the very concept of insurance on its head and leads to an adverse-selection death spiral)
  • Closure of the coverage gap in the massive Bush-backed Medicare drug entitlement (the “donut hole fix” that will obliterate the program’s cost-controls)

So, how are we going to pay for this Senator Blunt?  Sunshine and fairy farts?

Read more on Talking Points Memo.

If enacting the 3 main pillars of ObamaCare is the Republican’s main solution should the Supreme Court strike down the mandate, why are they even joining the fight?

Clearly, nothing has been learned from the 2006 / 2008 shellacking and the 2010 salvaging of the Republican Party compliments of the Tea Party Movement.  It’s still a party of milquetoast moderate solutions that will continue to bankrupt our country, create bigger government (albeit at a slower pace than Liberals), and destroy the fabric of what made America great… …the expectation that you go out and work for what you need and want.

NOBODY is talking about the real solution… …getting the Employer out of the Health Care business.  Yes, cross-state-line purchases, HSAs, and removal of 1st-dollar payments will help.  But, a huge portion of the problem is that the Employer is so involved in the Health Care business.

Under the current system, really only one person has to be satisfied with the Health Care Plan being offered to the company’s employees: the VP of Human Resources.  If he or she is happy (after getting laid, tickets to the finest suites of every professional sports venue, golf outings, boat outings, and gala dinners — trust me, I’ve seen it), then the Employer chooses their plan.  Maybe it’s the best of the three plans that the VP of HR had time to take a look at, but is it the best for 100% of the employees?  Of course not.

The government got the Employer into the Health Care business with wage and price controls during World War II and on occasion beyond.  They’ve got to get them out of the picture, so Health Care Companies work to keep their actual customer (the employee) happy — not Senior Management.

Then a market-based health-care exchange would make sense.  Ever heard of Kayak?  Priceline?  Oribtz?  Hotels.com?  Apparently, the free market can build a system where you can compare rates for travel cheaply and efficiently.  There’s no reason a free-market Health Insurance Exchange couldn’t do the same.

Then, the Employer can offer funding of a Health Care Plan… …and stay out of the CHOICE of a Health Care Plan.  The Employee is then responsible for choosing the best plan from a menu of options.  He or she can decide if they want to have the Appendectomy insured, or know that it costs $1500.00 (or whatever) and be prepared to pay for it.

If they choose not to have insurance, the Employer keeps the money… …and probably looks to hire someone more responsible.  But, the Employee now has the best option to find the most suitable Health Care solution for his or her personal situation.

That, my liberal Republican friend, Mr. Blunt, is a good starting point for Health Care reform.

On Scott Walker

A Letter to ‘Speak Out’ by John McMillen:

The conservative victory by Scott Walker in Wisconsin marks the third time Barack Obama’s vision of Big Labor/Big Government philosophy has been defeated at the polls since Obama’s inauguration. But the liberal media keep spinning (lying) about this overwhelming rejection of Kenyan er, excuse me, Keynesian economics.  If ever there was a referendum on public sector unions and the President’s idea of how government should work, it was again this Wisconsin election.

h/t AdriennesCatholicCorner.blogspot.com

Every far left democrat trick in the book was played; breaking into the capitol building, destroying tax payer property; the constant media drum beat that the democrats were the champions of democracy, and they were going to run that evil Walker and his administration out of town on a rail; even their typical delayed stacked questionable voting in the closing hour of the polls.  The wide margin gap did narrow considerably (thanks to this “get out the late mass run voting in the closing hours” tactic, from the 20 per cent blowout that held up till about 80% of the votes being counted.  They narrowed the margin to 7%.

So how’s all that racist, union thug, media corruption working out for you democrats?

The working people of this country are sick and tired of the lying media propping up fraudulent democrats bilking the tax payer for over the top spending in order to buy democrat voting blocs.  Public union employee’s salaries and benefits are paid by the taxpayer. These public unions dwarf the compensation package of the typical working tax payer in the private sector.

Up until it was obvious Walker had won, the liberal media were crowing about this being a foretelling of the outcome in the November elections.  They immediately stopped that line, and twisted it to say it would have no impact on the November elections and they started spinning how much alike Obama and Walker are in turning the economy around.

Correction liberals, Walker turned a huge deficit into a balanced budget and now a little bit of a surplus, thanks to private sector job growth.  That’s the message that the media will continue to ignore.

Obama took a deficit handed him by the 2006 democrat congress which controlled the purse strings and the National political agenda for the last 2 Bush years, and the first 2 Obama years.  Obama has added another 5 trillion dollars and exploded the national deficit and debt.

Obama is no Scott Walker. Obama is no fiscal conservative. Obama is no president. Obama is a political hack.

But, the media will keep lying and propagandizing trying to get Obama reelected.

God willing enough voters will have had enough of this corrupt charade to overcome the Obama media and union thug corrupted election process in November.

Dear Lord, let it be so.

Foreign Policy And The Missouri Senatorial Debate

On 6/11/12, the Republican candidates for Missouri Senator debated in St. Charles, Missouri at Lindenwood University.  All three candidates, Todd Akin, John Brunner, and Sarah Steelman, performed admirably.  However, when looking forward to the race against the slippery and politically gifted Claire McCaskill, it’s clear that Steelman and Brunner are not really up to the task.

However, on the question of Syria, really the only serious foreign policy question that was asked, all three came up short.  Sarah haltingly opined something about exhausting diplomatic options and covert operations.  Akin basically wants to stay out of it on constitutional grounds.  And, Brunner offered no serious alternative (sorry John, I stopped listening to you about half way through).

I’m certainly no expert and don’t expect them to be, so let’s turn to John Bolton whom, yesterday, published a remarkable analysis of America’s situation, analysis of all the players including Russia and China, and his bold solutions for the problem.  It concluded:

Finally, in Syria itself, we should do now what we could have begun to do ten years ago (and whh/t NROat the Obama White House at least says it is doing now): find Syrian rebel leaders who are truly secular and who oppose radical Islam; who will disavow al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups; and who will reject Russian and Iranian hegemony over their country. We will need some reason to believe that this opposition can prevail against not only the Assad regime but also the terrorists and fanatics who also oppose Assad. This must be not a faith-based judgment but a clear-eyed assessment of reality. Such is the kind of opposition that, assuming it exists, we should support, aiming for regime change in Damascus when — and only when — it becomes feasible on our terms. On this matter, too, we should tell our European allies that we want their support for something other than semiotic diplomacy.

Read more here

I’m a big fan of John Bolton, and many concerns were eased for me when he endorsed then-presumptive-nominee Romney back in March.  Anyone who gets called “the most controversial ambassador ever sent by America to the United Nations” for being to tough and conservative is a hero in my book!



3 Million Missing Workers

It’s Just Not Working

Supreme Disappointment

I received an e-mail from a Tea Partier urging me to write the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States asking them to find ObamaCare to be unconstitutional.  I had never thought of writing the Supreme Court Justices previously on any issue as it seems the Constitution is quite clear on the role of government in our lives.  Thus, it would be folly to expect a member of this panel to be swayed by my impassioned plea.

h/t supremecourt.gov

However, I made the trip to the Supreme Court’s web site.  What a disappointment that (likely 20 million dollar) web site is.  Sections don’t overlay their background properly, calendar gives novice error messages, and colors make certain text nearly unreadable.  It’s clear that this web site was created with Obama Stimulus money.

But, the biggest disappointment is the entries on the calendar – or lack thereof.  As I write, we are in the 153rd day of the year on June 1st, 2012 – 41.9% of the way through the year.  To date, the Supreme Court has heard oral arguments on – wait for it – 27 days.  27 days.

On the day I visited the Supreme Court in 2010 and happened to get inside to witness 5 minutes of the arguments, they were done by noon.  I don’t think they started at 6:00am, but let’s assume they started at 8:00.  We’ll pretend they hear arguments for 4 hours per argument day.  That means of the 153 days of 2012, they have used 2.9% of the available hours to hear arguments.  If we assume a hard working 10 hour day, then they’ve only heard arguments on 7% of the hours available (I seem to work every weekend).

I realize there is much to do with each argument held on each case reviewed.  The process of selecting cases for judicial attention is a gauntlet.  But, 27 days.

To the urgings of my fellow Tea Partier’s, I did not find a method of directly contacting the Justices.  There is an address for general mail, but I do not get the idea that my logical arguments on any case will be under the Justices’ consideration… …which is probably the way things should be.

Can you imagine a country where laws are upheld based on the number of letters received in the mailbox?  Or, angry crowds surrounding the court house threatening upheaval if a case is decided against their wishes.

But, alas, here is their general mailing address:

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543