Tell Advertisers: Ross / Stephanopoulos / Producers Must Go

The Cape County Tea Party staged a Facebook Event asking Conservatives to watch the Saturday 7/28/12 edition of Good Morning America and track the advertisers hawking their wares during the show.  This was in response to the smear of the Tea Party orchestrated by Brian Ross as well as (obviously) George Stephanopoulos the show’s producers.

For some of us it was a painful experience — especially during the seemingly 3-hour segment on Dancing With The Stars.

We realize that most advertisers are simply buying a package, and don’t really concern themselves much about content of the programming.  However, if Ross / Stephanopoulos et al had smeared the homosexual community, there would certainly be a backlash and advertisers would be put on notice.  If the Democrat’s KKK was being advocated, their would be a powerful citizen response.

So, below is the list of advertisers that I was able to draw from the show that day.  Not surprisingly, I found it hard to remember to watch/focus on the commercials.

I urge you to find one advertiser with whom you do business.  Take 5 minutes to let them know that you don’t appreciate them supporting ABC, Ross, Stephanopolus, and their producers’ smear of the Tea Party.  The advertisers certainly wouldn’t stand for a smear on the homosexual community or advocacy of the Democrats’ KKK; why would they stand for a smear on the civic, patriotic, peaceful Tea Party movement with which 48% of their potential customers agree?

  • AARP
  • AAG (Reverse Mortgages)
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Ashley Furniture (Carbondale)
  • Bassett Furniture
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  • Chase
  • Discover Card
  • Ensure
  • Entrypoint (St. Louis Door Company)
  • Famous Footwear
  • Fiber One
  • Garnier
  • Gas-X
  • Google Nexus7
  • Hospice of Southern Illinois
  • International Delight (Coffees)
  • Jenny’s Uniform (Marion, IL)
  • Kleenex
  • Michael B. Jackson (
  • Neutrogena
  • Nissan
  • PetSmart (Worst Possible Business Neighbor)
  • Romano’s Marcaroni Gril
  • Target
  • Titlemax
  • Tums
  • United Healthcare
  • Ward Hyundai (Cape Girardeau, MO)
  • Ward KIA (Carbondale, IL)


$300 Million For Procter & Gamble

A Letter To The Editor at the Southeast Missourian newspaper by David Larson:

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, the Cape Girardeau County Commissioners along with the Jackson School Superintendent collectively raised the real and personal property taxes on the residents of the county and citizens of Jackson without the courtesy of a public hearing!

h/t SE Missourian

The audacity of this 2-0 vote, only because one commissioner was missing in action, is outrageous.   “Because the commissioners were already familiar with the Chapter 100 process,” the citizens’ views are unimportant?

Excuse me?!  Just because Chapter 100 is a Missouri Statue, it does not morally relieve elected government officials or bureaucrats from asking for the consent of the people.  The actions of these elected county officials and one employee of Jackson violated two very important “Principles of Liberty” established by our Founding Fathers:

“The God-given right to govern is vested in the sovereign authority of the whole people.”


“The burden of debt is as destructive to freedom as subjugation by conquest.”

Did these servants of the citizenry consider the following questions before setting off on this crusade of increasing property taxes?

What is the rate of return on the taxpayers’ money?

Why is the Jackson School Superintendent unilaterally making tax collection decisions?

How does the county and Jackson plan to pay for “wear and tear” repair costs on the infrastructure due to heavy construction traffic?

Can the county and Jackson guarantee the lease payments from P&G will cover the cost of the bond?

Instead of doing things right perhaps they should do the right thing.  Get permission.

2012 Missouri Primary Candidate Forum – Videos

Here are the videos that CCTP took of the event… …up until the battery ran out:



TTTT Candidate Forum – Notes – July 2012

The Cape County Tea Party held a Missouri Primary Candidate Forum on Tuesday July 17th that the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center.  The event was a great success.  At the end of the event, a straw poll was taken.  The CCTP Steering Committee met today at 1:00pm (as they do on all Wednesdays) to tally the results.

Click below to view the results of the straw poll:

TTTT – 20120717 – Straw Poll Results – 01

TTTT – 20120717 – Candidate Questions – 01 – With Answers – 01


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The Final Word On The ObamaTax Automobile Insurance Comparison

Under ObamaCare, the Individual Mandate forcing everyone to buy insurances or pay a penalty was upheld as a ‘tax’ by the Supreme Court.   We’ll call it the ObamaTax.  So, naturally, the progs are once again trotting out the comparison of the ObamaTax Individual Mandate to the State requirements that automobile owners / drivers purchase and keep Automobile Insurance.

How could it be any different?

Simple, Mr. Progressive.  I’ll ask one simple question.

Do you believe that every person in Washington DC, Chicago and New York that does not own a car should be required to purchase and keep Automobile Insurance?


Well, that’s the difference.  The difference for the ObamaTax Individual Mandate is that it requires those people to buy health insurance… …sadly not to insure themselves, but to pay for the Healthcare Spending of other Americans.

So, stop your lame apples to oranges comparison to try to explain your Unconstitutional Law.  It ain’t workin’.