TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – March 2013

The Meeting


Here’s video evidence of the evil right-wing nutjobbery of the Cape County Tea Party’s Monthly Meeting!





Our Speaker:  John Jordan




…the battery on the video camera ran out…



Special Guest:  8th CD Republican Candidate Doug Enyart:



Takeaway Activism


At the end of the discussion of self-governance near the beginning of the meeting, we gave out two pieces of Takeaway Activism in which to engage:


TA1 – Exercise Self-Governance:

There are lobbyists for unions; lobbyists for banks; lobbyists for lawyers; lobbyists for river smelt; lobbyists for death row murderers; lobbyists for sports stadiums.

Who’s lobbying for you and me?

The first step in the process to increase your self-governance is to become active.  To guide our representatives to enact legislation and policy that increases our freedom and our self-governance, we must take part in the process.  And, to take part in the process, we need to be involved at the time and location that the process is taking place.

To that end, we asked each Third Tuesday Tea Time attendee to take part in at least one meeting of a local governing body.  A calendar of the meetings was provided, and as of this writing, I can confirm one of our attendees did join in at the Cape County Commission meeting!  Here is the calendar of meetings through March and until our next TTTT.

Public Meetings: Attend / Take Notes / Report:

Thu 3/21 9:00am County Commission
Thu 3/21 6:30pm Pachyderm Club / CCTP Steering Committee
Mon 3/25 9:00am County Commission
Wed 3/27 10:00am AFP – MO Day At The Capitol
Thu 3/28 9:00am County Commission
Thu 3/28 7:00pm CCTP Jackson School Board Forum
Mon 4/1 9:00am County Commission
Mon 4/1 5:00pm Cape City Council
Mon 4/1 7:00pm Jackson City Council
Tue 4/2 All Day Municipal Election Day
Thu 4/4 All Day Missourians Against Agenda-21 Rally Day J/C
Thu 4/4 9:00am County Commission
Thu 4/4 6:00pm CCTP Steering Committee
Mon 4/8 9:00am County Commission
Tue 4/9 7:00pm Jackson School Board
Wed 4/10 7:00pm Cape Planning & Zoning
Wed 4/10 7:00pm Jackson Planning & Zoning
Thu 4/11 9:00am County Commission
Thu 4/11 6:00pm CCTP Steering Committee
Mon 4/15 9:00am County Commission
Mon 4/15 5:00pm Cape School Board
Mon 4/15 7:00pm Cape City Council
Mon 4/15 7:00pm Jackson City Council
Tue 4/16 6:30pm Third Tuesday Tea Time

For more details on individual meetings, visit our web site at:



TA2 – Practice:

Next month’s meeting will be another working session.

In January, we held a working session and reviewed the bills sponsored or co-sponsored by our local Missouri State Representatives: Wayne Wallingford, Donna Lichtenegger, Kathy Swan, and Shelley Keeney. We made a quick review of the bill and made a fairly knee-jerk Yea or Nay rating for the bill. Visit or side and look for “TTTT Notes for January 2013” for more details.

For our April 16th Meeting, we ask that you do some prep work for another working session:

  1. Visit the MO House or Senate Web Site list of Pending Bills:
  2. Locate a Bill that interests you
  3. Read the information on the bill and any other supporting information that you can find.
  4. Prepare a short paragraph to present why support or do not support the bill.
  5. Bring the information with you to the next TTTT, and we’ll talk about what you have found.



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