Welfare – Good, Bad and Ugly

Judy DeClue

The Welfare Program is a very controversial subject. This program was originally set up at the time of the “Great Depression”. There were so many people starving and homeless as a result of the stock market crash. It was never intended to go on for an eternity. We have to look at two aspects:

1) Out of Wedlock births

2) Importance of Education.

Government ended up taking away the people’s incentive to provide for their own families. It was just easier to sign up for Medicaid than to work. Taking Medicaid beats working every day from dawn to dusk, being tired to the bone, paying bills, buying groceries, paying rent , utilities, etc.. All you have to do is just take a check and all the extra gifts of the government, and take the easy ride. The attitude of “You Owe Me” developed and has carried on for years.

Coming from a poor background does not decrease a person’s intelligence. Lack of pride and integrity destroy the morals and respect that makes this country the place where you could achieve the goals you set, whether it be to own a home, have a family, or of security.

The article by Robert Rector “The Effects of Welfare Reform” states evidence that children and parents are actively harmed rather than helped by welfare. A poor child without welfare will do better than a similar poor child with welfare. Welfare children will actually be more probable to drop out of school and without education will stay on welfare as an adult. Welfare rather than poverty is the culprit.

Out of Wedlock child bearing is an issue causing child poverty. We are providing meals at schools, both breakfast and lunch. Where are the food stamps going? Do they go for alcohol or drugs? If as a parent, you do not teach or practice self-control you decrease your chance to succeed and that of your child. You have to have respect for yourself. Anyone can make a mistake. There are no perfect people contrary to popular belief. We are all human but you have to want to do better sometimes more than life itself.

Education is important because you cannot get a legal job that pays above minimum wage without a high school diploma. The job market is very difficult. Perhaps we should extend the school attendance law to the age of eighteen or attaining a diploma instead of the present ruling of sixteen. Do not expel the student; make them have to attend as a parent’s responsibility.  If the parents do not accept their responsibility they could face legal action for breaking the law.

The Welfare System is financially breaking this country. Should there be limits on the number of children covered? Should there be a limited time people can exist on this program? At present we do not have any. Where does it stop?

In the article “Effects of welfare Reform” it is clearly stated poverty is not the cause of these social problems. The government took prayer out of the schools. They have restricted teachers in what they can teach, how they can teach and what kind of grading systems they can use. Parents should be teaching their children themselves to respect marriage, work ethics, chances for education and self-control.

Out of Wedlock births are rewarded by compensation. The more they bred the more money they can make. As a parent you should be involved with your child in teaching them sexual self-control, the need for education and to plan for their futures. Lead by example is a strong force. The government is too involved with giveaways and not encouraging recipients to work for their own rewards. We have to be self-sufficient in order to be successful. People should understand they are responsible for their offspring. The term “Man Up” says it all. Take responsibility for your own.

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