The Individual as Property

By Timothy Birdnow

In 2011 a woman named Sharrie Gavan beat a man with a baseball bat. Now, this is not all that unusual, as domestic disputes, home invasions, and overheated arguments sometimes end with an act of assault, but this particular case is different. In this instance the woman took a baseball bat to the drug pusher who was gleefully destroying her 20-year-old son with heroin. Mrs. Gavan was recently convicted of the assault and faces up to a year in prison.

This story seems destined to die a dull death, although there are locals in the St. Louis area who have cheered the actions of this woman. But when looked at in a larger context this story speaks volumes about the fundamental changes that have occurred in our culture and in our thinking.

What is the nature of the relationship between the citizen and the State? America was founded on principles found in the Bible and in the writings of 17th century philosophers such as John Locke.

John Locke pointed out in his First Treatise on Government:

Though the Earth… be common to all Men, yet every Man has a Property in his own Person. This no Body has any Right to but himself.

So, all men have first and foremost the right to own themselves.

This is of critical importance because it is this most fundamental principle that the modern Left and Right part company over. Liberals do not believe this basic assertion, preferring to believe that we as a collective own each other. This distinction is absolutely critical, because it informs our beliefs in terms of actions.

The English Philosophers Hobbes and Hume argued that property was a creation of the State, and were not held in high regard by the Founders of the United States. If property is a creation of the State, then one can argue that the State has sovereignty over the individual.

And of course later philosophers came to dismiss the view of self-ownership as illusory. Rousseau believed individuals enter voluntarily into a social contract which creates a “sovereign”, a sort of group entity, a collective. Rousseau was extraordinarily influential on later leftist thinking, as was Karl Marx who disdained the concept of personal sovereignty, as did Benito Mussolini. As in communism and fascism, the entire undercurrent of modern liberalism is anti-individualism. Even the Anarchists, though they may seem to be radical individualists, ultimately seek the collectivization of property as a means to grant themselves the individualism they seem to believe in — making them as statist as any other leftist branch. Without property rights one cannot have individual rights.

It is no surprise that the general degradation of property rights should coincide with the rise of statism and the devaluing of the individual. Either we own property — including ourselves – or we do not.

From such a belief system comes abortion; the right to life is subject to the granting of permission by the collective.

Gun control is another example; the Left hates guns because they empower the individual over the collective. A man with a gun does not need the protection of the State but can deal with violations of his rights by himself. The man with a gun can, if need be, do without the collective. This chafes at liberal sensibilities, as they are absolute in their determination to make us all not just our brother’s keeper but his master. There can be no right to self-defense in a world where one does not own even himself. The State is master and it is a usurpation, an act of rebellion, to defend yourself. It is even more an act of treason to defend yourself against the State. This is why there is such anger in the Progressive community against “bitter clingers” holding onto their guns; what right does any individual have to take the power of the State?

It affects religion, too. The Judeo-Christian religions believe in the duty of the individual to govern himself first and foremost. The Progressive thinking is that nobody has a right to govern himself, so Christianity and Judaism are rebels, antithetical to the cause of community and the idea that “it takes a village”. Islam, on the other hand, is both a handy tool to use against them and is a system where there is no division between the State and the Faith, and the individual must submit to the larger collective.

Almost any position held by the Progressive Left can be understood if one thinks about it in terms of property rights.

The liberal view has largely emerged triumphant in our modern era. The case of Mrs. Gavan is illustrative of that.

Not sixty years ago Mrs. Gavan would not have been arrested, nor tried, nor convicted. She had gone to the police like any good citizen and was told there was nothing that could be done, so, in desperation, she took very modest steps to protect her family. Please note the pusher was not seriously harmed — merely warned away with a couple of bruises. The Founders would have shrugged at that.

But not the modern python state; laws have become nooses around the necks of the citizenry while leaving the predators (who follow no law but their own) free rein. Society will not allow a person to defend himself. Now if a crime victim shoots an attacker he is the person in trouble (ask George Zimmerman). Now any action outside of official channels is punished because it is considered an act of rebellion. It is the reason why the Obama administration keeps pushing this “right-wing domestic terrorist” shibboleth; they are frightened of anybody outside of their control, outside of the Borg Collective.

And so a decent woman protecting her family may go to prison for the sake of upholding the right of the State over the individual. This is not just an elitist-Progressive thing, either; ordinary citizens and minor officials in Jefferson County, Missouri pursued, charged, tried, and convicted this woman. This mindset is now a part of the American psyche.

And it won’t change, not without enormous social, educational, and informational changes in this country. We have to remember who we once were, and that means the schools need to teach, the arts need to remember, movies and television need to change, an entire culture has to be revamped. The prognosis for a restoration is grim.

But not impossible. As long as there is a spark of liberty in the individual there remains hope. We have to teach our children. We have to remember who we once were.

Timothy Birdnow is a St. Louis-based writer. Read more from Tim and friends at

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One Response to The Individual as Property

  1. 1American says:

    Wow, what a wonderfully written piece. Agree 100% with everything he said…and he said it in a masterful, artful way. The only thing I would add is, we need to go just a litter deeper to cut out this cancer that has taken root and is starving the life giving organs of our society of its life giving blood and nutrients. (Private Property Ownership, A Thriving Economy, and Cash Flow.)

    That is we must go back to God’s and John Locke’s original premise, “each individual is the owner of his body, and is responsible for the actions of it, and the care-taking of it. And, no one else has a write to enslave it under the guise of forced communal living, or the taking against any law abiding individual’s will anything that ‘body’ produces for his or her own family’s survival.

    The most basic human right an individual has is the right to sustain oneself through his or her own initiative, hard work, industry, wisdom, and frugality.

    The INCOME TAX is the most basic tool the collectivists use to begin initially to pry open the door to the individuals home and all his property beginning with his or her paycheck.

    The collectivists or Statists first pry open permanent access to the man’s most basic human right and stake first claim on the individual’s ‘first fruits’ of his or her labor through THE INCOME TAX. And implementing it, and any sub-sequential expansions of it, by lying and saying “we’re only going to tax the rich!”

    Once this ‘right of ownership’ is established by the Collectivists/Statist, the INCOME TAX becomes an enslavement tool by the rich and powerful ruling class which partner with the RICH Corporate Executives by forcing bribes from them to stay in power. These two entities become a symbiotic paradigm that feed off each other, while at the same time the ruling class feed the “not so rich” the constant message that the reason their lives are so limited, miserable, hard, and hopeless is because of the “Evil Rich.”

    We can’t begin to implement lasting reclamation on our “individual rights” until we reassert and restore our “property rights” just as this piece so accurately points out.

    But we can’t reestablish true property rights until we eliminate the “EVIL INCOME TAX” which is the Marxist Collectivists’ tool for incrementally but permanently encroaching upon individual property ownership, while enslaving the working class, and eliminating the “middle class.”

    This is the quintessential theme, the methodology and the process espoused in the philosophy of Karl Marx. That’s the sermon that he preached and the template he prescribed for a revolution to take over a capitalist society.

    That’s why in Marx’s 10 planks to overthrow Capitalism, and establish Communism, he lists the INCOME TAX at number two.

    1st plank is the mission, “Abolition of private property” the second plank is the method or tool to achieve the mission, “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

    The method of reversing this evil, and up righting our upside down Collectivists/Statists/Communist society that our nation has become begins with replacing the “INCOME TAX.”

    There is such a replacement proposition, a bill in congress right now, HR25, that is essentially a flat rate consumption tax that protects those at the poverty level from the regressive effects of a sales tax, while setting free any who are willing to assume individual responsibility and take ownership of their own body as God and John Locke originally advocate.

    That replacement consumption tax has been vetted by at least 75 major university economics professors from across this nation. It is a simple easy to understand non partisan approach to restoring individual property rights and the most basic human right; the right to produce an income for ones own use to acquire individual property.

    If you research you will find that the “Pursuit of Happiness” that is our unalienable right as declared in our “Declaration of Independence” is synonymous with “the right to own private property.” There is no more basic “individual private property” than an earned “paycheck.”

    Please research for yourselves, and join those who support the FAIRTAX and help uproot this vile and evil system that has taken over our culture and our society like a malignant cancer that invades the human body.

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