End Birthright Citizenship

By Janet Boston

Birthright citizenship ended in Britain and Australia in the 1980s. Ireland and New Zealand ended Birthright citizenship in the last few years. America needs to end this entitlement to illegal immigrants

300,000 to 400,000 babies are born in the US every year to illegal immigrants. The reality over a 10 year period is that 3 to 4 million people gaining citizenship by birth.  These babies gain automatic citizenship.  Illegal immigrant mothers of birthright babies are rarely deported

The hospital bills for these births are almost always paid by the US Taxpayer.

”Birth Tourism” is a term for pregnant women taking a trip to the United States so their babies can be born here. This is a business in California where criminals promote and cater to birth tourism.

With the great number of illegal immigrant babies born in the U.S. don’t you believe 400,000 is a planned program rather than an accidental birth?

This is outrageous. The taxpayer, our medical services, educational services and subsidies are being drained. Border Security is a must. A severe penalty must be assigned to discourage entrance to the U.S. illegally. The U.S. needs to stop free services and/or subsidies of any kind to anyone coming here illegally.

Stop amnesty, Stop Birthright Citizenship and seriously protect our borders. This is an invasion of U.S. soil.