TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – January 2014


After the excitement of our meeting in November 2012, 17 CCTP members took Level 1 of the Pathway To Self-Governance training offered by the Center for Self Governance.  7 CCTP members made it through all 5 levels of the training program during 2013.  It has been an exciting journey!

We urge you to at least take Level 1 of the Center for Self-Governance training.  It will change the way you view your governing bodies as well as your view of your position and participation in the governing process


Working Meeting:

Tonight’s meeting was another working meeting.  The goal here was to review and approve (or reject) the legislative items sponsored or co-sponsored by Cape County’s Missouri House and Senate members – Donna Lichtenegger, Kathy Swan, and Wayne Wallingford.  A few bills proposed by other legislators were added to the list.


  • Put together list of the bills
  • Reviewed them quickly
  • Used our laptops to get additional information on the bills from the House and Senate web sites
  • Came up with a consensus or took a vote to decide whether our representatives should vote for or against the bill

We obviously knew that, with the few minutes we had to work on the effort, we could easily end up with an incorrect decision.  But, the effort was enjoyable, and the decisions likely in line with the CCTP goals of Fiscal Responsibility, Founding Principles, and Constitutionally Limited Government under God.

When reviewing the decisions of the group, most of the responses were quite emphatic.

Click below to see the bills that were reviewed and the decisions of the group.  We hope to complete similar efforts in the future.

CCTP – TTTT – 20140121 – Local Legislator Bills – Review Results – 01


Takeaway Activism

As a follow-up on our two activities tonight, we need to continue to consider our Civic Authority and our responsibility to guide the votes of our elected officials at all levels.  To that end, we ask that you do three things:

As a follow-up on our activity tonight, we need to continue to consider our Civic Authority and our responsibility to guide the votes of our elected officials at all levels.  To that end, we ask that you one of the following three things:

Senate / House Bill Review

New Legislation

  • Propose a piece of Legislation / Law
  • Write a short summary of what you would like to have enacted
  • Give it an awesome title
  • Send your new law to
  • Come to the February 18, 2014 monthly meeting and take five minutes to present your bill


On January 21 st, 2014 at 6:30pm, the Cape County Tea Party (CCTP) will hold its open monthly meeting at the Cape Girardeau Public Library.  The meeting is called the Third Tuesday Tea Time and is held on the Third Tuesday of each month to continue the work to complete our Mission as stated below.

Guiding Our Representatives:

The MO Legislature was sworn in on Wednesday in Jefferson City and will start debating the bills that have been pre-filed as well as those that come up during session.  Are you interested in guiding their votes?

For this meeting, we will split up into groups, review the legislation that has been filed by our local representatives (as well as other high profile legislation), and quickly try to come up with thoughts and suggestions for their actions / votes in the House and Senate.

Does the bill increase government or reduce government?  Does it increase liberty or reduce freedom?

We hope such an activity will encourage some lively debate.

Time permitting, we will brainstorm on legislative ideas that we could forward to our representatives for consideration.

Everyone is invited regardless of party or ideology! We hope you will attend!