Ending The IRS Is A Bipartisan Issue

By John McMillen

Eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse should be a 100% unified effort of every senator and congressman/congresswoman….that is the basic responsibility and duty of anyone responsible for the use of our tax dollars. This should not be a partisan issue. This can be done and I will be looking for it to be down by any congress person or senator before they receive my vote.

In that vein, abolishing the IRS should be a priority. Again this should be a 100% unified effort. The way we collect the needed revenue to fund our government, should not be the corrupt evil system that the IRS has turned into. Neither political party should be able to influence those responsible for collecting our taxes to intimidate, harass, bully, and punish any taxpayer. Neither political party should have the power through the IRS to target American citizens who do not support their political philosophy.



Neither political party should have the power to punish individual American citizens, and shut down their businesses, or their ability to speak freely, organize, and form action groups to exercise their duty as an American citizen in our once free Republic.

You as a U.S. Senator, or a U.S. representative must assure that your ‘just’ powers are derived from the will of “THE PEOPLE.” Not from wealthy lobbyists, and big bundler campaign donors, or your national party bosses.

For this reason I strongly urge your support in abolishing the IRS Income Tax and all related IRS means of taxation and replace them with one simple Fair taxing method…House Bill HR-25/Senate Bill S-122.

This will restore American Jobs on American soil; restore the peoples trust in their government and those who desire to represent them honestly. It will restore individual freedom, and allow working Americans to keep their whole paycheck and pay their taxes directly and individually in the simplest, hassle free way possible.

It will restore our economy as major investments and large depositors come back within our United States boarders, and the huge flush of cash pumped into our economy from the new found increase in take home pay which raises spendable income dramatically.

It will restore America to her former greatness. That will enable many of these other issues and dilemmas to become manageable and solvable.

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