Help Request For MO Legislature Bills

From Michelle Hohmeier:


I’m sending this email as a plea for help. I’d like to ask that you send an email or call Speaker Diehl and ask that he place these bills in committee.

HB215 – sponsored by Mike Moon would keep any federal regulation from being implemented by any state agency or department until it’s approved by the General Assembly. This would help slow the overreach of authority by the federal government.

HB889 – sponsored by Paul Curtman would disallow the use of any electronic voting machine across the state. This would cut down on the corruption many areas see by the manipulation of data.

HB1089 – also sponsored by Mike Moon would abolish common core.

I’m pasting the emails I sent to Mr. Diehl as a guideline for anyone to use. Mr. Diehl’s email is and his phone number is 573-751-1544.

If you send an email, will you please include your city so he sees these emails are coming from across the state. An email followed up with a phone call is always appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding these bills, please ask me.

Thank you for your help.




HB 215

Mr. Speaker,

I hear there is an abundance of support from the General Assembly for a Convention of the States. The people agree there needs to be push back against the federal government for their overreach of authority. They continue to implement regulations that impose great burdens on the states, and therefore the people.

I understand the frustration felt by our representatives in the Missouri House as pleas for temperance are ignored. The people share a feeling of dissatisfaction in the behavior of our federal representation, and call for restraints to be placed on Washington. But even if the application of convention is submitted to Congress, what guarantee do we have any amendments proposed will lay any heavier on the minds of those in Washington than the current restraints of our Constitution?

We, as the people of Missouri, however do have another option. But this option depends on the cooperation of the General Assembly. The Founders enumerated the 9th & 10th Amendments for a reason. It was to be perfectly clear the federal government was under strict limitations, and any powers outside of those limitations were for the people of the individual states to decide.

There are legislators within the Missouri House willing to push back against the overreach of the federal government by exercising our 10th Amendment right, but it appears some of their legislation is falling on deaf ears.

HB 215, sponsored by Mike Moon, is one such bill, but it has yet to be assigned to committee. When I was in your office on March 18th with the Teen Eagles, you made mention that some bills aren’t put into committee because the sponsor hasn’t told you they would like to see the bill pushed. It is my understanding on January 13th, Representative Moon requested HB215 be placed in the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee.

Our system of government was not created to allow one man the power to decide the laws for the people. I am asking you stop holding HB215 captive and assign it to the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee by April 10th. Allow the committee members to decide if the bill is worth moving forward.


HBs 889 & 1089

Mr. Diehl,

I’ve been made aware of other bills wanted by the people of Missouri that you continue to hold hostage. I ask that you also release the two bills mentioned above (Paper Ballot – HB889 & Common Core – HB1089) and assign them to committee.

Again, our system was not built so that one man can control everything. In fact, you are merely a representative charged with temporary authority granted by the people who elected you to office. The people continue to retain their power and, once made aware of their power, will wield it.

Missouri Legislature