TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – May 2016

TTTT Meeting- Featured Speaker:  Sara Sommers

Our guest this month will be Sara Sommers, who will speak about U.S. Immigration issues from the perspective of processes performed overseas at U.S. Consulates.  Department of State deals with highly sensitive and classified issues, so understandably publishes little about actual operations.  This results in even routine processes being virtually unknown by the public, and often poorly understood by elected representatives.  Ms. Sommers served as a Consular Warden for 8 years in the Caribbean, at a post with unique geographic and geopolitical challenges, a full travel day from the Embassy and Consulate.  She attended thousands of meetings and interviews between foreign nationals and consular officers, gaining a rare inside knowledge of the actual processes and their real-world impacts.  She will focus on how  administrative policy changes within the Department of State effect America’s safety, security and sovereignty; what are the real life issues within our immigration code; how much power do our Senators and Congressmen really have with Immigration & Customs Enforcement?

Originally from Cape Girardeau, Ms. Sommers is an information technology professional who recently returned to the area after many years to be close to her elderly parents.

Please come to our meeting and listen to this very informative speaker who has received special commendations from two different US Ambassadors for her exemplary service to US citizens abroad.