TTTT – 8th District MO GOP Congressional Candidate Forum – July 2016


Join us at the library at 6:30PM to hear for yourself each candidates position on critical subjects.  Audience questions at the end if there is time.

The following candidates have been invited to attend (in alphabetical order):

Hal Brown

Todd Mahn

Jason Smith

Philip Smith

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – May 2016

TTTT Meeting- Featured Speaker:  Sara Sommers

Our guest this month will be Sara Sommers, who will speak about U.S. Immigration issues from the perspective of processes performed overseas at U.S. Consulates.  Department of State deals with highly sensitive and classified issues, so understandably publishes little about actual operations.  This results in even routine processes being virtually unknown by the public, and often poorly understood by elected representatives.  Ms. Sommers served as a Consular Warden for 8 years in the Caribbean, at a post with unique geographic and geopolitical challenges, a full travel day from the Embassy and Consulate.  She attended thousands of meetings and interviews between foreign nationals and consular officers, gaining a rare inside knowledge of the actual processes and their real-world impacts.  She will focus on how  administrative policy changes within the Department of State effect America’s safety, security and sovereignty; what are the real life issues within our immigration code; how much power do our Senators and Congressmen really have with Immigration & Customs Enforcement?

Originally from Cape Girardeau, Ms. Sommers is an information technology professional who recently returned to the area after many years to be close to her elderly parents.

Please come to our meeting and listen to this very informative speaker who has received special commendations from two different US Ambassadors for her exemplary service to US citizens abroad. 

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – April 2016

TTTT Meeting- Featured Speaker:

Michael T. McKibben

Michael T. McKibben


Michael McKibben is Founder and Chairman of Leader Technologies, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio software innovator. Mike is a 1973 graduate of The Ohio State University in civil engineering. He’s also a four-year member and squad leader of Ohio State’s famed marching band. (He says don’t believe a word of the fabricated scandal several years ago. He’ll explain, if there’s time.) Mike and Nancy, his writer wife, began their careers in Christian music in the early 1970’s. They have six children (surgeon, nurse practitioner, interior designer, linguist, baker and chef). They toured the world for a decade with Living Sound that specialized in breaking down barriers in the Communist world. In 1981, in what historians now call the beginnings of glasnost and perestroika, his group performed Gospel music on national Soviet television, sold up to 1 million records, and performed on the 1980 Olympic film. Mike and Nancy count Saint John Paul among their close friends. Then Cardinal Karol Woytyła (later Pope John Paul II) was the patron of Living Sound’s 14 concert tours in Poland during the 1970’s.

Mike and Nancy moved back to the USA from the UK and morphed his career into management consulting. From management consulting he transitioned into software development. In the early 1990’s he rebuilt AT&T’s email system, AT&T AccessPlus 3.0. He was one of the first ten commercial sites hosted by AT&T WorldNet. In 1997, Mike formed Leader Technologies to improve approaches to large-scale collaboration, just as the commercial Internet was emerging (pre-Google).

Mike formed a dream team of software developers starting in 1997 and set about to fix the problems of large scale collaboration. After several years of research, he had the creative “ah hah” moment. Mike recognized that his findings were important, innovative, non-obvious, better yet, earth shaking. He knew from experience supporting AT&T that no one in the industry was thinking this way, so he sought the best patent attorney he could find in Washington to protect his innovation and file his patents. He settled on a well-recommended adviser to Congress, The White House, the Judiciary and commerce.

Leader’s first patent for social networking was awarded in Nov. 2006. The Leader v. Facebook trial started in Nov. 2008, right during the 2008 bank crash and TARP bank bailout. Little did Leader know at the time that those banks were funding the very companies who had secretly stolen Leader’s invention in late 2001. The investigation into the judicial corruption, and related banking corruption, eventually extended to Silicon Valley corruption. Hard evidence proves that Leader’s invention was not just infringed, it was stolen by Facebook and others.

Mike’s talk to CCTP will focus on the dramatic erosion of Constitutionally-guaranteed privacy and property rights. Who better to talk about this than the man who has experienced the largest financial crime in the history of the world? (The value of social networking is in the multiple trillions of dollars and grows daily. Therefore, the theft of social networking is bigger than the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Bernie Madoff scandals.)

Mike will give us a brief biographical overview and tell us some of the pertinent facts of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial. For example, Mark Zuckerberg told the court in Leader v. Facebook that he had “lost” all of his 2003-2004 Harvard computers and emails. Then, he magically found 28 of them after the trial in his San Francisco attorney’s closet. Then, Mike will engage us interactively about practical steps Americans can take to stop the abuses of privacy and property that have exploded around us.

Mike is quick to point out that social networking, as people know it right now, is his invention with all substantive privacy and security controls removed to maximize spying, advertising revenue and free data (exploitation of privacy and property).

America’s Founders started a revolution over unlawful search and seizure by the British crown.

What will we do faced with this clear and present danger?

NOTICE: This bio may contain opinion, and as with all opinion, should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.

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TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – March 2016

TTTT Meeting- Featured Speaker:  Usama Dakdok

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TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – February 2016

February 2016 TTTT Meeting- Featured Speaker



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TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – December 2015

Christmas Party

CCTP celebrated Christmas at Port Cape this year, with around 60 members and guests attending.  Thanks to Heritage Action for the help with the meals.