Help Request For MO Legislature Bills

From Michelle Hohmeier:


I’m sending this email as a plea for help. I’d like to ask that you send an email or call Speaker Diehl and ask that he place these bills in committee.

HB215 – sponsored by Mike Moon would keep any federal regulation from being implemented by any state agency or department until it’s approved by the General Assembly. This would help slow the overreach of authority by the federal government.

HB889 – sponsored by Paul Curtman would disallow the use of any electronic voting machine across the state. This would cut down on the corruption many areas see by the manipulation of data.

HB1089 – also sponsored by Mike Moon would abolish common core.

I’m pasting the emails I sent to Mr. Diehl as a guideline for anyone to use. Mr. Diehl’s email is and his phone number is 573-751-1544.

If you send an email, will you please include your city so he sees these emails are coming from across the state. An email followed up with a phone call is always appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding these bills, please ask me.

Thank you for your help.




HB 215

Mr. Speaker,

I hear there is an abundance of support from the General Assembly for a Convention of the States. The people agree there needs to be push back against the federal government for their overreach of authority. They continue to implement regulations that impose great burdens on the states, and therefore the people.

I understand the frustration felt by our representatives in the Missouri House as pleas for temperance are ignored. The people share a feeling of dissatisfaction in the behavior of our federal representation, and call for restraints to be placed on Washington. But even if the application of convention is submitted to Congress, what guarantee do we have any amendments proposed will lay any heavier on the minds of those in Washington than the current restraints of our Constitution?

We, as the people of Missouri, however do have another option. But this option depends on the cooperation of the General Assembly. The Founders enumerated the 9th & 10th Amendments for a reason. It was to be perfectly clear the federal government was under strict limitations, and any powers outside of those limitations were for the people of the individual states to decide.

There are legislators within the Missouri House willing to push back against the overreach of the federal government by exercising our 10th Amendment right, but it appears some of their legislation is falling on deaf ears.

HB 215, sponsored by Mike Moon, is one such bill, but it has yet to be assigned to committee. When I was in your office on March 18th with the Teen Eagles, you made mention that some bills aren’t put into committee because the sponsor hasn’t told you they would like to see the bill pushed. It is my understanding on January 13th, Representative Moon requested HB215 be placed in the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee.

Our system of government was not created to allow one man the power to decide the laws for the people. I am asking you stop holding HB215 captive and assign it to the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee by April 10th. Allow the committee members to decide if the bill is worth moving forward.


HBs 889 & 1089

Mr. Diehl,

I’ve been made aware of other bills wanted by the people of Missouri that you continue to hold hostage. I ask that you also release the two bills mentioned above (Paper Ballot – HB889 & Common Core – HB1089) and assign them to committee.

Again, our system was not built so that one man can control everything. In fact, you are merely a representative charged with temporary authority granted by the people who elected you to office. The people continue to retain their power and, once made aware of their power, will wield it.

Missouri Legislature

To Representatives of the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education Re HB 578

By Mary Byrne

As a member of the Social Studies 6-12 Academic Standards Work Group constituted by HB 1490, I’d like to applaud Representative Swan’s recognition of the need for ensuring students in Missouri understand their history and responsibility as American citizens in our republican form of government; and offer a recommendation to achieve a better educated Missouri student without high stakes testing in citizenship.

HB 578 Section 170.345.3 states,
. . . “The test required under subsection 2 of this section shall use the same one
10 hundred questions used by the USCIS that are administered to applicants for United States
11 citizenship. In order to receive a passing score on the test, the student shall answer at least
12 sixty of the one hundred questions correctly.

As you are aware, Arizona passed a similar bill, and in fact, a national organization, Campaign for Civic Mission of Schools (CCMS), is promoting similar legislation throughout the country. CCMS is partnered with Pearson, a testing corporation that profits from increased testing in schools. The goal is worthy of your attention, however, you may not be aware of background information that, when explained, will support what should be a substantive, long-term alternative to a potentially expensive, high-stakes test.

(1) Please note the unintended negative effects of the testing approach to assuring good citizenship discussed by Peter Levine, associate dean for research at Tufts University’s Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service:

250px-AP_of_Missouri_State_Capitol_Building[1]“Requiring students to pass the citizenship exam will reduce both the amount and the quality of civic education in our schools. The test is easy. You can see all the questions and answers in advance and just memorize the right choices. If passing this exam comes to be seen as adequate preparation for citizenship, schools will notice that their students can pass after cramming for a couple of hours. They will cut their semester-long civics courses as unnecessary preparation. They will prefer to dedicate that semester to math or science, which involve much more sophisticated and challenging tests.
Requiring the citizenship exam would make sense if our students didn’t already study civics or face tests. It would establish a floor, a minimal level of competence. But more than 90% of recent high school graduates have spent a semester in a civics course, and most have also spent a year on U.S. history. Their teachers gave them tests. In many states, they also faced a standardized test on civics or social studies. Then why do so many adults fail basic questions about the U.S. political system?  Because we have forgotten what we learned in civics class. Too often, the subject wasn’t inspiring or challenging and didn’t build habits of following and discussing the news. The problem with civics is not that we fail to teach it. The problem is that civics is often viewed as a set of disconnected facts, not as a challenging and inspiring subject that will continue to interest us after high school. Arizona’s measure requiring that students pass the citizenship test will make that problem worse. The citizenship exam requires, for instance, that you know that “27” is the correct answer when you’re asked how many constitutional amendments have been passed. You don’t need to understand reasons for or against those amendments, or have any sense of why they were important. A month after students pass this test, they will forget the number 27. But they might retain the message that being a good citizen is a matter of memorizing some random information. That seems like an excellent way to turn people off.

(2)  No Child Left Behind and it’s testing requirements for federal funding is at least partially responsible for emphasizing two academic subject areas, mathematics and English, while relegating knowledge and skills in history and government to the periphery of K-12 instruction. No state level legislation mandating a 100-question citizenship test will correct the neglect of teaching our children about their history and government in a meaningful way. (See Imperiling the Republic

(3) Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, Missourians have been misinformed about their government. When the social studies standards were developed, Marc Tucker’s National Center on Education and the Economy, a Carnegie-funded non-governmental organization in Washington, DC provided consultation. The Show-Me Social Studies Standards (See Appendix A attached) expect students to know that the U.S. is a constitutional democracy. Though familiarity with the U.S. Constitution is included in the body of the social studies standards, even teachers are not familiar with Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution that states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, . . . ” Thomas Jefferson said, our form of government was a democratical republic — the emphasis being a republic is representative form of government, rather than a democracy. A most disturbing cause for this misinformation and incorrect teaching of American students about American form of government can be traced to the Carnegie-funded publication of the American Historical Association. (See Report of the Commission of Social Studies (see highlighted sections), and Contrarians Chapter 1 attached). Similar misinformation is perpetuated in the College Board’s newly revised AP American History course.  (See President of the National Association of Scholars, Peter Wood’s discussion of the misinformation in AP History Again, no state level legislation mandating a 100-question citizenship test will correct the neglect of teaching our children about their history and government in a truthful and meaningful way.

The  Missouri State Board of Education is, at least partially, responsible for ongoing dissemination of misinformation and promulgating sub-standard social studies standards. I am aware of at least one former Missouri school board member who on three occasions contacted the state board of education to put a correction of the standards on the board agenda; however, the correction was never made. I am also aware of another Missouri citizen who contacted DESE about the error, but no remedy was offered. Only in 2015, due to pressure from legislators, instigated by questions from the academic standards work groups in social studies, has the state board made an effort to correct the error of identifying the American form of government as a constitutional democracy. (See January State Board of Ed. agenda — SocStudAcademicStandards attached)

Attached is a Thomas B. Fordham Institute report rating Missouri’s Show-Me Social Studies Standards with an F.(see SOSS MO attached) Although the method of review was not rigorous by research-method standards,  competent professionals in history reviewing Missouri’s social studies standards gave them a very poor rating indeed. It should be evident that teaching Missouri’s students using high standards for knowledge and skills in history, government, and American citizenship throughout their K-12 education will produce more substantive and lasting competence for participation in America’s exceptional form of government than the test required in the bill.

(4) Also of note is that coursework in American history, government, and civics is not expected in the liberal arts education of postsecondary education program. If America is to cultivate well-educated leaders for future service in our government (which is the purpose of publically funded education as per our Missouri Constitution Article IX, Section 1a), state boards of education must ensure that a liberal arts education includes substantive study of the unique history and structure of our American government. (Losing America’s Memory attached).

Conclusion: Though HB 578 is well-intended, the requirement to make high school graduation contingent on a test for assessment knowledge of citizenship will not likely achieve the intended goal; and potentially has unknown costs to school districts as students take the test multiple times to get a passing score.

Recommendations for improving Missouri students’ knowledge and competence in citizenship are:

1. development of social studies standards that expect accurate and factual knowledge as well as competence in research skills from K through 12; and

2. work to reduce federal intrusion in state education testing and develop statewide testing that emphasizes history and civics throughout grades  K-12 along with reading, math, and science;

3. exit from College Board’s AP course in American history which omits important information about events and values that are the foundation of American liberty and government;

4. postsecondary coursework in American history and government for a liberal arts education of all postsecondary undergraduates.

I am pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding my testimony. Thank you for your consideration of this information.

Mary Byrne, Ed.D.


Please be aware that Pearson, a testing and publishing corporation, is a major influence in promoting legislation that will increase testing (especially multiple opportunities of testing, which increases the cost to school districts)

Pearson partners with the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, an organization promoting the national campaign for high stakes testing in citizenship

No Diehl

An effort is in action to prevent the ascension of Representative Diehl to the Missouri House Speakership.  CCTP doesn’t take positions on such issues, however, we pass this along for your information:

From Laura Hausladen:


The project is gaining some momentum, but it’s time to kick it into high gear as we have just 3 weeks until the November Election.  I would like to have a conference call tomorrow evening at 8:30 for anybody who wants to weigh in on strategy going forward.  I see it as less of an organized call, and more of a session for idea gathering and question asking/answering.  Let’s try this:  8:30-9:15 weigh in with ideas, etc.  9:15-9:35 or so call in for a a recap and a general outline of what needs to be done and projections on how it will be done.

Dial-in Number: 605-781-1000
Access Code: 733172

Time: Tues, Oct. 14th 8:30 or 9:15 for recap


About to come on line:

  • The letter writing campaign!!  (Within 24 hours or so)
  • An additional on-line info-gram style web page  (soon!)

Please do the following now:

  1. Invite people you know to go to to sign the petition.
  2. Invite your FaceBook friends to go to the FaceBook Page ‘The Missouri Leadership Project’  and LIKE it
  3. Let your representative know that you do not want them to vote for John Diehl.


Many thanks to all of you!  Please call or write any time with suggestions/questions/help.  (And if you call, please be sure to start talking on my answering machine.)


Laura / 573-732-3252

Support Holly Rehder

As Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, we ask those we support in the Missouri Legislature to make their votes based on principle and what is best for the long term health of the state.

We ask them to take that stand in the face of Party backlash, Union backlash, or other Special Interest backlash.

In the 148th district, we have a pillar of self-governance who HAS taken that principled stand for which we ask.

In two of the major votes of the year, Holly Rehder stood by her principles and voted against the party line.  She voted against the MoDOT Sales Tax Increase and she voted against the Boeing Bribe.

But, where she has really stood by principle and incurred the wrath of the Special Interests is in her push to pass the Paycheck Protection Act… …requiring unions to gain the annual approval of their members before deducting dues from their paychecks.

I know; giving the power back to the individual; crazy, right?!?! (sarcasm)

As expected, the union special interests are lining up against her and asking their members to cross the line from the Democrat voter roles and cast a vote against Holly in the Republican Primary Election.  See the attached letter send to union members.

Tea Party does not endorse candidates, so I would like to make this personal request to all of you even though I know you are 100% busy.  If you live in the 148th district, please Please PLEASE go out and vote for Holly on August 5th.  For the rest of us, if you have any Time, Talent or Treasure you can send Holly’s way, you would be doing a service to all Missourians in helping keep this pillar of self-governance in the halls of the House in Jefferson City.

See the attached file from Union Leaders admonishing their members to momentarily toss aside their Democrat principles and vote in the Republican Primary…

Rehder – Union Letter – 20140805

Thank you!


Brian Bollmann

An Open Letter To Representative Mike Lair

By David Epps

Homogeneity is good for milk not for a population!

Nazi Germany goose stepped into oblivion because of their highly regimented and homogeneous society was unable to counter the innovation by the allies on the battlefield.

  • The USSR fell because they attempted to standardize the population’s thinking.
  • The USA is lagging because all children are being taught the same mistakes.

China’s and Russia’s economy are now booming because of the now permitted entrepreneurial and enterprising thinking.

Common core is just a way to homogenize the spirit.

If all milk was homogenized then where would we get creme and butter or cheese and yogurt?

Those MAP tests teach that it is OK to keep secrets from the parents. That advertising is propaganda like the posters and announcements and speeches that sent 6M Jews to the gas chambers in WWII was just good advertising… …and the environmental agenda espoused in the tests is just flat wrong.

Two examples of bad teaching on the environment

1. Dinosaurs were huge because of all the oxygen from all the plants sucking down all that CO2

Wrong – It was because the plants provided an abundant food supply. An organism must regulate its intake of oxygen because it is toxic in large quantities

2. Butterflies are rare because there is insufficient open space

Wrong – Butterflies are rare because they eat milk weed which is aggressively eradicated because the milk in the weed can cause blindness in children.

When it comes to centralized planning as with Common Core and MAP test materials the question is: Who watches the watchers?????

I would suggest sir that you take off the tinfoil hat and study the far ranging implications of standardizing the education in America.

Conformity is the hob-goblin of a small mind!

Hello Newman

By John McMillen:

The typical response from statist politicians when someone pierces the lies in their political rhetoric, with truth and accurate analogies, is to personally attack the one who does so. Only 10 percent of “perception” is objective substantive reality, or truth. Holly Rehder told her constituents the truth about Jay Nixon. She does not need any admonishment from a biased liberal Stacey Newman, state representative of the 87th District, 120 miles removed from Holly’s district.

Jay Nixon indeed has withheld $600 million in education funding since 2009 to create a negative situation he can blame republicans for. “Tax ’em out of business liberals” like Nixon and Stacey Newman know the news media won’t condemn them for their lies. They rely heavily on emotional fear inducing rhetoric and misrepresentations to deceive citizens with their purposeful lies designed to demonize their political opponents. Just say: “Republicans want to throw Granny off the cliff, destroy education funding, and hurt the poor,” and you’ll get a favorable press eagerly amplifying those words to solidify the misconception beneficial to liberals.

State Rep. Stacy Newman should apologize for playing the “Holocaust Card” and Jay Nixon should apologize for lying to us. Any Jewish citizen who truly suffered under Hitler will tell you it all began when a public sentiment of hate and loathing was created against them by Hitler’s false propaganda machine. They’d be the first to warn you about the injustice of letting designing, deceitful politicians form a general consensus of ill will toward you with false assertions.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.

Start Saving The Republic…

The Center for Self-Governance will hold Level 1 Training:


August 31, 2013

  • 9am to 5pm
  • 1111 West Pine (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Poplar Bluff, MO.


September 25, and 26, 2013 (Two Parts)

  • 5pm to 9pm
  • 303 North Jackson
  • Farmington, MO


September 27, 2013

  • 9am-5pm
  • Twin Oaks Club, 2707 Bonansinga Dr (aka North Bottom Road)
  • Quincy, Ill


The Level 1 course is designed to introduce the concepts surrounding self governance, civic authority and bring everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding our role in exercising our civic responsibilities and authority. This course is foundational and will lay the ground work necessary to successfully implement the lessons learned in future courses.

  • Dress comfortably for this event
  • Consider a light jacket / sweater as building AC / Heat units fluctuate
  • Other items to bring: paper, pen
  • Sustenance: Drinks, snack bars, brown bag lunch (check w/ your host to determine if lunch is provided
  • Prepayment is highly recommended
    • Paypal allows easy processing of your registration fee
    • Checks and cash are accepted the day of the event
    • A workbook is included

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND, OR HOST a Level 1 training, PLEASE contact me!

Jan Farrar
Mo State Coordinator Center for Self Governance

Vote To Override Nixon’s HB253 Veto

By Darrell Seabaugh:

Dear Rep. Hampton,
Dear Rep. Gannon,
Dear Rep. Fowler,

It has come to my attention in a recent news article that you were undecided on how you will vote in the next upcoming session regarding the Missouri Income Tax Cut bill (which initially you voted against) that passed both chambers of THE Missouri Legislature but was ultimately vetoed by Gov. J. Nixon.  While I understand your initial position, I nonetheless feH/T missouri.eduel you need to carefully reconsider what is ultimately at stake here.  This is not about our cutting taxes at the expense of our public school systems thereby degrading our children’s quality of education…nor is it about our having to cut or scale back on anything.  It is NOT even a Republican or Democrat partisan issue.  What is at stake here is simply this…JOBS!  And that’s a Missouri issue, no matter what stripe you are!

With no less than five “Right-To-Work” states adjacent to Missouri’s borders, our state is getting killed in the jobs market.  As a state, we are not competitive: not in attracting new jobs, not even in retaining existing jobs.  Cape Girardeau recently got word we are losing over 400 jobs (NARS) and now another 90+ jobs when Spartech closes its door next year.  And that’s just one city with fewer than 38,000 people.  If this trend continues to be left unchecked, fewer Missourians will have jobs than ever before.  Tax revenue will be at an all time low.  How do you think that will impact OUR schools and our state overall?

Lowering Missouri Income Taxes & Corporate Business taxes will go along way in leveling the “jobs” playing field for our state.  I’d much rather prefer having more people having more jobs while paying less taxes (thereby having more to spend to spur growth and also sharing our state tax burden) to keep our state finances solvent rather than having fewer Missourians having fewer jobs having to pay more in taxes (stagflation)!  And do you really want your children coming out of schools only to find no jobs or only few part time jobs?  They will have little choice but to leave this state to look for work elsewhere.  Passing this bill will help to spur real personal growth, attract new businesses and create new jobs…REAL jobs!…and will help retain our existing jobs!

Therefore I urge you to vote FOR the State Income Tax Bill and OVERRIDE Gov. Nixon’s veto in this upcoming September’s legislative session.

Cordial regards,
Darrell W. Seabaugh.

Campaign University

From Eddy Justice, 8th Congressional District Chairman:

8th Congressional District - Logo - 01

In last week’s edition of the Chairman to Chairman Newsletter, I alluded to big news coming out this week. Well here it is.

The 8th Congressional District Republican Committee will be hosting a CAMPAIGN UNIVERSITY in September. It is being sponsored by HRCC, MSCC, and MRP.

Guest presenters include:

  • Steve Tilley
  • Shane Schoeller
  • Robert Knodell
  • Jeff Rowe
  • Carl Bearden
  • Jaret Jensen
  • Josh Haynes

Attached is a flyer with all the specific details, and I hope each of you will distribute to your contacts.

This Campaign University will not just be for those interested in possibly running for office, but for those interested in furthering a cause or issue. It would also be a good event for anyone involved in politics at any level to attend in order to refresh their understanding of successful activism.

This University will have classes that include:

  • Fundraising
  • Vendor Relations
  • Grassroots Organization
  • Media Contact and Relations
  • Social Media

There will also be a forum at the end of the presentations for question and answer about campaigning, issues and experience. On this panel will be:

  • Auditor Tom Schweich
  • Congressman Jason Smith
  • Speaker Tim Jones
  • Former Speaker Catherine Hanaway

Lunch will be provided by the Missouri Times. Admission at the door will be $25. Early admission, prior to September 1, will be $15.

There will be more information forthcoming but I wanted to get this out to you as soon as we could. Please be considering whether you will be able to attend or whether your county committees will be sending a representative. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Click here to view the flyer.


Eddy Justice
8CD Chairman


And, if that wasn’t enough fun for you, Butler County Reagan Days is the same night!

  • AAD Gratto
  • 3200 Kennedy Ln.
  • Poplar Bluff, MO
  •  More details TBA.


The Individual as Property

By Timothy Birdnow

In 2011 a woman named Sharrie Gavan beat a man with a baseball bat. Now, this is not all that unusual, as domestic disputes, home invasions, and overheated arguments sometimes end with an act of assault, but this particular case is different. In this instance the woman took a baseball bat to the drug pusher who was gleefully destroying her 20-year-old son with heroin. Mrs. Gavan was recently convicted of the assault and faces up to a year in prison.

This story seems destined to die a dull death, although there are locals in the St. Louis area who have cheered the actions of this woman. But when looked at in a larger context this story speaks volumes about the fundamental changes that have occurred in our culture and in our thinking.

What is the nature of the relationship between the citizen and the State? America was founded on principles found in the Bible and in the writings of 17th century philosophers such as John Locke.

John Locke pointed out in his First Treatise on Government:

Though the Earth… be common to all Men, yet every Man has a Property in his own Person. This no Body has any Right to but himself.

So, all men have first and foremost the right to own themselves.

This is of critical importance because it is this most fundamental principle that the modern Left and Right part company over. Liberals do not believe this basic assertion, preferring to believe that we as a collective own each other. This distinction is absolutely critical, because it informs our beliefs in terms of actions.

The English Philosophers Hobbes and Hume argued that property was a creation of the State, and were not held in high regard by the Founders of the United States. If property is a creation of the State, then one can argue that the State has sovereignty over the individual.

And of course later philosophers came to dismiss the view of self-ownership as illusory. Rousseau believed individuals enter voluntarily into a social contract which creates a “sovereign”, a sort of group entity, a collective. Rousseau was extraordinarily influential on later leftist thinking, as was Karl Marx who disdained the concept of personal sovereignty, as did Benito Mussolini. As in communism and fascism, the entire undercurrent of modern liberalism is anti-individualism. Even the Anarchists, though they may seem to be radical individualists, ultimately seek the collectivization of property as a means to grant themselves the individualism they seem to believe in — making them as statist as any other leftist branch. Without property rights one cannot have individual rights.

It is no surprise that the general degradation of property rights should coincide with the rise of statism and the devaluing of the individual. Either we own property — including ourselves – or we do not.

From such a belief system comes abortion; the right to life is subject to the granting of permission by the collective.

Gun control is another example; the Left hates guns because they empower the individual over the collective. A man with a gun does not need the protection of the State but can deal with violations of his rights by himself. The man with a gun can, if need be, do without the collective. This chafes at liberal sensibilities, as they are absolute in their determination to make us all not just our brother’s keeper but his master. There can be no right to self-defense in a world where one does not own even himself. The State is master and it is a usurpation, an act of rebellion, to defend yourself. It is even more an act of treason to defend yourself against the State. This is why there is such anger in the Progressive community against “bitter clingers” holding onto their guns; what right does any individual have to take the power of the State?

It affects religion, too. The Judeo-Christian religions believe in the duty of the individual to govern himself first and foremost. The Progressive thinking is that nobody has a right to govern himself, so Christianity and Judaism are rebels, antithetical to the cause of community and the idea that “it takes a village”. Islam, on the other hand, is both a handy tool to use against them and is a system where there is no division between the State and the Faith, and the individual must submit to the larger collective.

Almost any position held by the Progressive Left can be understood if one thinks about it in terms of property rights.

The liberal view has largely emerged triumphant in our modern era. The case of Mrs. Gavan is illustrative of that.

Not sixty years ago Mrs. Gavan would not have been arrested, nor tried, nor convicted. She had gone to the police like any good citizen and was told there was nothing that could be done, so, in desperation, she took very modest steps to protect her family. Please note the pusher was not seriously harmed — merely warned away with a couple of bruises. The Founders would have shrugged at that.

But not the modern python state; laws have become nooses around the necks of the citizenry while leaving the predators (who follow no law but their own) free rein. Society will not allow a person to defend himself. Now if a crime victim shoots an attacker he is the person in trouble (ask George Zimmerman). Now any action outside of official channels is punished because it is considered an act of rebellion. It is the reason why the Obama administration keeps pushing this “right-wing domestic terrorist” shibboleth; they are frightened of anybody outside of their control, outside of the Borg Collective.

And so a decent woman protecting her family may go to prison for the sake of upholding the right of the State over the individual. This is not just an elitist-Progressive thing, either; ordinary citizens and minor officials in Jefferson County, Missouri pursued, charged, tried, and convicted this woman. This mindset is now a part of the American psyche.

And it won’t change, not without enormous social, educational, and informational changes in this country. We have to remember who we once were, and that means the schools need to teach, the arts need to remember, movies and television need to change, an entire culture has to be revamped. The prognosis for a restoration is grim.

But not impossible. As long as there is a spark of liberty in the individual there remains hope. We have to teach our children. We have to remember who we once were.

Timothy Birdnow is a St. Louis-based writer. Read more from Tim and friends at

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