Center For Self Governance

America is a Republic; not a Democracy.  If we lose the Republic in favor of a Democracy, the Democracy will fail into Anarchy, and a Tyranny in the form of an Oligarchy will result.  It’s that simple.

A Republic protects the minority; Democracy is mob rule.  A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.  A Republic is two wolves and a well-armed lamb deciding on what’s for dinner.

CCTP has embarked on an effort to Keep the Republic!  To keep the republic, be effective leaders within the community, and become citizen lobbyists, members are receiving training and certification from the Center for Self-Governance.  The training guides citizens in using their Civic Authority in addition to their Civic Responsibility.

Eleven Members of CCTP have now graduated from the training and have become Certified Citizen Seals! It is an exciting curriculum, and the trainees are quickly becoming confident Citizen Lobbyists.  There is homework!

Join us in becoming Citizen Lobbyists and a positive force for self-governance your city, county, state, and country!  Join us in Saving the Republic!  Check out and *Like* the Center for Self-Governance page here


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