On Obama’s Birth Certificate

By Tea Party associate Patrick Voelker:

When I have tried to explain how Obama’s birth certificate is the most complete forgery I have ever personally seen, many people think I’m a lunatic.

I have downloaded and examined this multi-layer document extensively and conclude with Arpaio and this article. I have worked with the software that was used to create this document for more than a decade and a half. My thousands of hours of experience with this software allows me to understand how this document can in NO way be legitimate. But try to explain It to the uneducated and inexperienced masses and their eyes glaze over and they brand you are a “birther loon”. Even Glenn Beck pokes fun at “birthers”. Bill O’Reilly poo-poos the “birthers”. I suppose it’s a holdover from our younger days when peer pressure controlled our beliefs and actions, most people don’t want to be set apart from the group. Can you say “herd mentality”?

We as a nation are ignorantly listening to the wrong crowd.

As people that are considerably more enlightened than Republicans and Democrats combined, we need not concern ourselves with the opinions of the stupid. The opinions they hold of us in their minds should be meaningless to us! We must be way beyond peer pressure at this point.

To those that mock my ideas or those of the Tea Party, I say “piss off”.


This article reveals that Mr. Netanyahu is done trying to deal with Obama and is burning a bridge. Look for things to start to happen rapidly.