TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – March 2015

The April Municipal Election is fast approaching, and this month, CCTP invited all candidates who would represent citizens in Cape Girardeau County to attend a Candidate Forum on their behalf.  Below is the video from the event.

Additionally, there are nine ballot issues and questions on the April 7th ballot – everything from tax increase and bond issues to changes in the way elections are held. Following the Candidate Forum, CCTP members led a review and discussion of some of the ballot questions.





Meeting Calendar

Here is the calendar of meetings between now and the next TTTT

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – March 2014

Candidate Forum

Candidate Forum held at the March 2014 TTTT


Other Discussion

Janet Criddle presented more information on Common Core and reminded the attendees about the Stacy Shore presentation to be held on 03/30/14 at the SEMO Rose Theater.



Below are the links to the Calendar for the next month and information on the Use Tax vote coming up on April 8th

CCTP – TTTT – 20140318 – Takeaway Activism – Calendar

CCTP – TTTT – 20140318 – Takeaway Activism – Use Tax – 01


TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – May 2013 (Candidate Forum)

The Meeting


In lieu of our regularly scheduled Third Tuesday Tea Time, the members of Cape County Tea Party organized and executed a 8th Congressional District Special Election Candidate Forum.  The six candidates for the office vacated by Jo Ann Emerson took part in the forum held on Wednesday May 22, 2013 at 6:30pm.

The normal meeting held on Tuesday night was canceled.


Here are still photos of the candidates:

Candidate Forum – 8th CD – Photos – 01


Here are the questions used by the moderator:

Candidate Forum – 8th CD – Questions – 02


Here are the questions as given to the audience:

Candidate Forum – 8th CD – Questions – 03


Here is the SEMO Activism Calendar distributed at the end of the meeting

Candidate Forum – 8th CD – SEMO Activism Calendar – 01


Video Evidence!

Below are the videos from the event:



2012 Missouri Primary Candidate Forum – Videos

Here are the videos that CCTP took of the event… …up until the battery ran out:



TTTT Candidate Forum – Notes – July 2012

The Cape County Tea Party held a Missouri Primary Candidate Forum on Tuesday July 17th that the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center.  The event was a great success.  At the end of the event, a straw poll was taken.  The CCTP Steering Committee met today at 1:00pm (as they do on all Wednesdays) to tally the results.

Click below to view the results of the straw poll:

TTTT – 20120717 – Straw Poll Results – 01

TTTT – 20120717 – Candidate Questions – 01 – With Answers – 01


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