Cape Pachyderm Straw Poll

Last Thursday, at the Cape Pachyderm Club regular meeting, a straw poll was held to gauge members’ support for various races in Missouri and the Presidential race.  Here are results as reported by Darrell:

[They] had around 50-60 people there for the Straw Poll voting…

At the Straw Poll last night at Dexter BBQ the results went something like:


  1.  Cain 35%
  2.  Romney, Gingrich, & Perry 15% (3-way tie)
  3.  Ron Paul 13%
  4.  All other candidates had zero to a couple of points.

Senate race:

  •  Akin 95% (he was there to give a speech and was absolutely outstanding…Tea Party would be proud)
  •  Steelmann and one other candidate (sorry, forgot the name) share the other 5%.

Claire McCaskill is one of the most important elections since MO has the highest % points of states most likely to unseat an incumbent Democrat. Need 5 Senate seats for Republican to take over Senate…so this one election is one of the hottest/biggest, next to voting out Obama, in terms of national importance. So MO will be a key playing in the balance of shift of power in Senate race.

Thanks Darrell!