In My Opinion

IN MY OPINION (By Tom Young)

“A few concerns of this Senior Citizen”

Born at the beginning of World War II, I remember how great this country USED to be.   But even then, we were already on the downward slope to the demise of our country.   The progressives had already infiltrated our higher institutions of learning, in particular, our law schools.  They began teaching our young would-be attorneys that, because times have changed (meaning more modern), they (we) should start looking to what more current decisions had been made by previous, again more recent, jurists concerning law.  This seemed to them to be necessary to dismantle our archaic rule of law known as the Constitution.  They knew they could not just out-and-out assault the foundation of our country, but by using “precedent”, aka the law of man, they could gradually overcome the rule of law used in the founding of our country and incorporated into our founding documents.  THAT rule of law was, still is and always will be “The Law of Nature and of Nature’s God”.

That was only the beginning.  Since then, those Americans who have been sold and have bought into this “bill of goods” have been tearing down all of the religious and moral foundations we have ever known.  Those beliefs that allowed our forefathers to build the best and strongest nation the world had ever seen had to be destroyed.  After all, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness could never be achieved by everyone, if those ambitious, hardworking successful individuals were going to keep all that money and private property they had acquired, all to themselves.   There wouldn’t be anything left for the rest of us, would there?

So, things had to change.  Capitalism, private property (the ability to acquire for one’s self) and self-determination, along with our religious and moral beliefs, stood in the way of equality.  So that word “equality” became one of the first of many buzzwords of the Progressives.  And by buzzword, I mean a word that sounds good, feels good – a word that can, when used in a Progressive’s dialect, be used to dupe the unsuspecting individual.  Many Americans, including myself, have been duped by the Progressives.   At this point I would like to inject what a “Progressive” is for those who may not know.  ‘Progressive’ is a nice sounding name (buzzword) that people who believe government can do a better job of running your life than you can use to describe themselves.  They are also known, to varying degrees, as socialist, communist or Marxist.

To those who read these words, I have no doubt upset a good many of you.  TOO BAD!  These are truths as I see them.  But who am I?  Just an old man who has lived in some of the better days of our country and is greatly saddened by what I see happening today – especially saddened for our young people.  May we once again, pray for the Divine guidance of Providence to restore our Country.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Young,  Jackson, Missouri


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