Don’t Blame Romney?!?!

Ann Coulter tells us not to blame Romney?!?!  Is she kidding?

I’m sorry Ann, but you are crazy?  You sound like a Democrat.  You sound like Obama.  Romney’s version of “It’s Bush’s Fault!”

Romney was “perfect” candidate?  Your Nuts!  A perfect candidate wins.  Obama is a flawed candidate and he won!

Obama “quadrupled” gas prices?  It was $1.87 at BHO Inaugural; tell me oh brilliant one, at what point were gas prices $7.48.  Now you just look ignorant.

“Blaming the candidate may be fun”? Oh, so like Obama, “The buck stops with you.”

“Bachmann fighting for political life”?  She WON in a newly gerrymandered district; your guy lost!  I’ll bet she went to the mat

Akin is the problem? You and your ilk that didn’t stand by him were the problem!  You and your pals writing commercials for McCaskill were the problem – that she could just play the words of her opponent’s ‘compatriots’ to beat him up.

A republican party that doesn’t know to stay out of the weeds on abortion is the problem.  It’s simple, “My opponent kills babies; I don’t want to kill babies.”

“The last two weeks of the campaign were consumed with discussions of women’s “reproductive rights,” No, the last week was spent discussing Christie throwin’ lots of love to Obama.

Comments on abortion are the problem?  The Republican Party platform is 100% pro-life.  Change the platform if you don’t want candidates to follow it.

Oh, a straw man ‘band fan’ comparison?  No Purist Conservative thinks like that; maybe you do, but not a Conservative.  Wake up Ann; we got behind Romney even after the attack on Grass Roots and Ron Paul that Romney pulled at the Convention.

So you like the band analogy?  Okay, then here’s what it really is regarding Akin.  It’s really like being in the band and writing a bad song.  In this case, instead of telling him it was a bad song, you tried to throw him out of the band after he had written 12 great songs.

Your guy lost for one reason and one reason only; he wouldn’t go to the mat.  McCain wouldn’t go to the mat.  Romney wouldn’t go to the mat.  Obama went to the mat – twice – and he won.

Cape Girardeau County Election 2012 Ballots

Here are the (sample) ballots for Cape Girardeau County:

Sample Ballot 1

Sample Ballot 2

Sample Ballot 3

Sample Ballot 4

Sample Ballot 5

Sample Ballot 6


Which Ballot will you get?  I’m not exactly sure how to read the table below, but it hopefully will help you determine which ballot you will get based on your Precinct:

Precinct 1&4-1.1.2, 1
Precinct 2- 1
.5.7 2
Precinct 6 & 14-,14.1.2 1
Precinct 7-7.1.2 1
Precinct 8&9-, 1
Precinct 12&18-12.1.2, 1
Precinct 13&15-, 1
Precinct 16- 1
.6.7 2
Precinct 17- 1
. 2
Byrd 1-21.1.2 3
Byrd 2- 3
Byrd 3- 3
Byrd 4-24.1.2 3
Byrd 5 & 6- 4 5
Brown Owl- 5
Campster- 5 6
Gordonville- 5
29.33 6 4
Whitewater- 4
30.3.6 5
Burfordville- 4 5
Hanover- 4
Nell Holcomb- 4
Oriole- 4
Fruitland- 4
New Wells- 4
Pocahontas- 4
Delta- 4
Millersville- 4
Friedheim- 4
Oak Ridge- 4

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – October 2012

This month’s TTTT was kept short to allow the attendees to leave in time for the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate.  Folks were encouraged to attend a watch party at either Jo Ann Emerson’s office or Beef O’Brady’s restaurant in Cape Girardeau.  The owners there were kind enough to provide a room for CCTP to watch the debate, eat, drink, and be merry.

Speaker Notes:

Our speaker this month was Kara Clark Summers, Cape Girardeau County Clerk, and she spoke on the responsibilities, requirements, and activities of Poll Watchers.  Cape County Tea Party is working with the local Political Parties to ensure that as many Polling Locations in Cape Girardeau County as possible are staffed with Poll Watchers.  Please consider being a Poll Watcher… …and contact Brian Bollmann or your Political Party Chair to sign-up.

Here’s Kara’s bio / introduction:

Our speaker tonight is a native of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She attended Liberty Baptist High School and Southeast Missouri State University.

In 1993, she began working for Southwest Airlines as a Customer Service Representative ascending the ladder to Manager before ending her career there.

In 2004, she returned to Cape Girardeau and was employed by the Chamber of Commerce as Sales & Marketing Director for the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

With her experience in Customer Service and Operations Management, in 2006, she made the decision to run for the Office of County Clerk feeling it was a seamless fit.

She has been the Clerk of Cape Girardeau County since January 1, 2007 and is in her second term of office.

In 2007, at a county clerk conference in Branson, Missouri, she met her husband, Trent, who was then employed by the Governor’s office in Jefferson City. They decided to build their family in Cape Girardeau where they both grew up and now have a son, Clark Thomas, who is 2 ½ years old and a bundle of energy and fun.

Her Responsibilities as County Clerk include:

  • Administers all Elections in Cape Girardeau County
  • Voter Registration in Cape Girardeau County
  • Absentee Voting
  • Filing for County Offices
  • Personnel, Payroll and Benefits
  • Clerk to the County Commission
  • All insurance programs for the County
  • Bidding for purchases by Cape Girardeau County
  • Extending County Tax Books
  • Railroad and Utility Tax Books
  • Secretary to the Board of Equalization
  • Keeper of Records
  • Notary Commissions
  • Preparation of County Financial Statement
  • Works with Political Subdivisions to establish current tax levies
  • County Liquor Licenses

Ladies and Gentlemen, here to tell us everything we need to know to perform the duties of Poll Challengers, our current Cape Girardeau County Clerk, Kara Clark Summers



Takeaway Activism

Election Activism!!

Protect your Liberty!

Protect Your Vote!


Poll Challenger


Phone Bank


Romney/Ryan Victory Office:

  • Kelsey Callahan
  • 773.307.5465

Cape County Republican Party:

  • Holly Lintner
  • 573.200.4073

Constitution Party:

  • Tom Young
  • 573.450.7330

Democratic Party:

  • Mark Baker
  • 573.243.3895


Help With Upcoming Tea Party Events

To continue the fight to return to Fiscal Responsibility, Founding Principles, and Constitutionally Limited Government under God, Cape County Tea Party members are taking part in various events around the county throughout the summer and fall.  We ask you to sign-up to assist with planning and implementing our effort in each event.

At the end of tonight’s meeting, please meet with a Tea Party member to sign up to assist with these events:

  • SEMO Homecoming Parade: 10/20/12
  • Here’s Your Bill: 10/01/12 – 11/06/12
  • Cape Parade of Lights: 11/25/12
  • Jackson Christmas Parade: 12/01/12*


To win the fight, we need to grow our numbers and become a louder voice for our principles.  We need each and every one of you to assist in this process.