Will You Vote…

…the Values That Will Stand the Test of Fire:

Late To The Party

Are you planning to vote on Tuesday?

Here is a link to a sample ballot that we found on Cape County’s site.

The sample ballot looks like it includes all the items that will be voted on in all the cities and school districts in the county.  Looks like pretty standard stuff except the Proposition A for Fruitland and Jackson.

Sadly, as involved as I am, I did not know that Jackson was preparing this ballot initiative.  I must have missed it as I read the last 12 issues of Jackson / Mayor Lohr’s monthly Town Crier.  I also don’t recall seeing it in the bi-annual mailer from the school district, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

h/t http://jacksonkidsfirst.org

The first I noticed was when the signs appeared all over town to Keep Jackson Kids First.  I was disappointed that the site listed ‘class size’ as an aggravating factor but didn’t list any details regarding the students/classroom.

I’m curious about your thoughts on the issue.

My knee-jerk reaction is to question the need for a brand spanking new $16,000,000 building with all the bells and whistles.  There is a downturn in the economy if you haven’t heard – 8% unemployment / 15% real unemployment.

My children were at IC when the tornado hit.  Guess what.  They learned quite well in the trailers that were brought in to the site while the damaged building was replaced.  It is far past time in this country to be less concerned about how nice the building looks on the outside and stay focused on what happens inside.

How about we downsize this into a $5,000,000 project of modular / pre-fab buildings that can be easily expanded.  I’m betting with the quality teachers Jackson seems to attract, students will learn just fine inside those buildings no matter how they look on the outside.

But, alas, I’m too late to the party.

12 Reasons To Vote Democrat

Via E-Mail…h/t examiner.comWhen your family or friends cannot explain why they voted Democrat, give them this list. Then they can pick a reason from this “TOP 12″…

1. I voted Democrat because I believe oil company’s profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t.

2. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would.

3. I voted Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

4. I voted Democrat because I’m too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

5. I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can’t tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Prius.

6. I voted Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

7. I voted Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education and Social Security benefits, and we should take away Social Security from those who paid into it.

8. I voted Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves.

They need to break even and give the rest to the government for redistribution as they see fit.9. I voted Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe organization who would never get their agenda past the voters.

10.. I voted Democrat because I think that it is better to pay billions to people who hate us for their oil, but not drill our own because it might upset some endangered beetle, gopher or fish.

11. I voted Democrat because while we live in the greatest, most wonderful country in the world, I was promised “HOPE AND CHANGE”.

12. I voted Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my butt, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have another point of view.

It’s The Record, Stupid!

What’s different about the 2012 and 2008 primary at this point?  Unlike McCain, the Mainstream Media and the Establishment GOP aren’t the only one telling us to vote for a squishy moderate.  Ann Coulter, John Gibson, Brit Hume, all conservative, are saying the same thing?!?!

Don’t vote for Newt!

This is the same Ann Coulter that claimed if we don’t nominate Christie, Romney will be nominated and he will lose… …is now belittling us if we’re considering Newt.  I guess we’re already laughing Ann.

There’s just one little problem for Ann, the Media, the Establishment GOP, and now Conservative Pundits:

  • Conservative Voters followed the Establishment GOP candidate, McCain, and got royally screwed
  • When Mitt Romney was in power, he capitulated to the left enacting ObamaRomneyCare, State Mandates, top-down Government, and he installed liberal judges
  • When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he gave us the Contract With America,Welfare Reform, and a (so-called) Balanced Budget

Why are Conservatives ignoring you?  It’s the Record, Stupid!

The Crux Of This Election

There is only one factor that defines this election.  There is only one thing that matters.

One number:  The Gross National Debt

The Gross National Debt has not decreased since 1968 — a generation.

Every Conservative American must educate themselves (in all races) and pick the Primary Candidate that has voted, will vote, or will veto, immediately, to stop the increase of The Gross National Debt within one year.  Incumbent or challenger, who do you trust to reduce the Gross National Debt?  How have they behaved in the past related to the debt?  Who do you trust?

Anything less, and our Republic is destined to fail.