The Growing Frustration

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail sent to me by a CCTP Steering Committee Member:

Isn’t there some way we could impeach the President for using executive orders to supercede the Congress?

What can we do about George Soros influencing the United Nations when he is not one of our representatives?

There are so many things happening it is hard to keep your attention on what direction we are being attacked:  Education, Firearms, Freedoms of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms

People are disgusted with our choice of Conservative Candidates – we can’t afford for people not to vote and give the election away.

Here is some of my reply:

I agree his outright usurpation of the other branches of the Federal government is impeachable. Add in his willful negligence in enforcing the laws made under the constitution and the grounds for impeachment grow. Unfortunately, I believe the House has little desire to Impeach him knowing that they’ll never get a 2/3 majority conviction in the Senate. They impeached Clinton, but didn’t get the majority in the Senate, so it never resulted in his removal from office.

As far as Soros is concerned, I hope he rots in hell, but I’ll stand by his constitutional right to petition the governments/UN to get what he wants. If they take that right away from him, they can take it away from us. That’s the libertarian in me speaking.

You’re right that there is too much for one person or group to fight; that’s why I’m fighting to grow the CCTP so we can organize groups to work on various topics and take the fight where it needs to be. We need manpower to fight on all these fronts.

And, I should have added:

It’s equally terrifying that the Establishment GOP wants Romney as the nominee.  They guy who couldn’t beat the guy who couldn’t beat Obama is what the GOP wants to ram down our throats.  Great!


Growing and activating the Conservative / Libertarian groups (Cape County Tea Party, St. Louis Tea Party, Americans For Prosperity, Concerned Women of America, etc.) is the only way to win this war on our freedom and liberty — the freedom and liberty of our children!  The OTHER SIDE is MEETING and WORKING EVERY DAY to find new ways to take away your freedoms while enslaving pretending to help the less fortunate.

We need MANPOWER to win this war; we need it now!