TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – July 2013

The Meeting

At our July TTTT, we were joined by the editor of the Missouri Education Watchdog, Gretchen Logue.  She presented information and concerns on the Common Core State Standards.  She took questions and gave answers.



About Gretchen Logue

Gretchen Logue attended her first tea party rally back in February 2009 and four years later finds herself the co-editor of the Missouri Education Watchdog – a blog dedicated to reporting on local, state and national education issues.

She is a wife, the mother of two children, and a native Southerner from Jacksonville, FL.  She and her family moved to St. Louis so her older son could attend Central Institute for the Deaf and then the Moog Oral School for education. The family made this life changing decision because their son’s needs were not being met by the only system available to him in Florida – the public education arena.  This is when she became convinced parents should have choices in their children’s education using their own tax dollars as they see best.

She began blogging in 2010 when it was discovered no one was reporting that our nation’s school districts were signing on to an education plan referred to as “Race to the Top”.  Her passion was ignited when she discovered Race to the Top was being promoted by the states departments of education and there were increased federal mandates being foisted on the states.

Now she is focused on helping educate communities in Missouri about the Common Core State Standards for Education.


Takeaway Activism


TA1 – Exercise Self-Governance:

There are lobbyists for unions; lobbyists for banks; lobbyists for lawyers; lobbyists for river smelt; lobbyists for death row murderers; lobbyists for sports stadiums.

Who’s lobbying for you and me?

The first step in the process to increase your self-governance is to become active.  To guide our representatives to enact legislation and policy that increases our freedom and our self-governance, we must take part in the process.  And, to take part in the process, we need to be involved at the time and location that the process is taking place.

To that end, we asked each Third Tuesday Tea Time attendee to take part in at least one meeting of a local governing body.


Public Meetings – Attend / Take Notes / Report

Wed 7/17 7:00p SEMO10 Meeting
Thu 7/18 9:00a County Commission
Thu 7/18 5:00p Center for Self-Governance Training – Lvl1 Pt1
Thu 7/18 6:30p Pachyderm Club
Fri 7/19 5:00p Center for Self-Governance Training – Lvl1 Pt2
Mon 7/22 9:00a County Commission
Mon 7/22 6:30p Heartland Citizens For Education Awareness
Thu 7/25 9:00a County Commission
Thu 7/25 6:00p CCTP Steering Committee
Thu 7/25 7:00p Options for Women Pregnancy Resource Center
Mon 7/29 9:00a County Commission
Thu 8/1 9:00a County Commission
Thu 8/1 6:00p CCTP Steering Committee
Fri 8/2 12:00p Republican Women’s Club Meeting
Mon 8/5 9:00a County Commission
Mon 8/5 5:00p Cape City Council
Mon 8/5 5:30p Scott County Republicans
Mon 8/5 7:00p Jackson City Council
Thu 8/8 9:00a County Commission
Thu 8/8 6:00p CCTP Steering Committee
Mon 8/12 9:00a County Commission
Tue 8/13 7:00p Jackson School Board
Tue 8/13 7:00p Cape Girardeau Goes Green Advisory Board
Wed 8/14 7:00p Cape Planning & Zoning
Wed 8/14 7:00p Jackson Planning & Zoning
Thu 8/15 9:00a County Commission
Thu 8/15 6:00p CCTP Steering Committee
Thu 8/15 7:00p Pachyderm Club
Sat 8/17 9:00a Center for Self-Governance Training – Level 1
Mon 8/19 9:00a County Commission
Mon 8/19 5:00p Cape City Council
Mon 8/19 7:00p Jackson City Council
Tue 8/20 6:30p CCTP Third Tuesday Tea Time

For more details on individual meetings, visit our web site at: