Hello Newman

By John McMillen:

The typical response from statist politicians when someone pierces the lies in their political rhetoric, with truth and accurate analogies, is to personally attack the one who does so. Only 10 percent of “perception” is objective substantive reality, or truth. Holly Rehder told her constituents the truth about Jay Nixon. She does not need any admonishment from a biased liberal Stacey Newman, state representative of the 87th District, 120 miles removed from Holly’s district.

Jay Nixon indeed has withheld $600 million in education funding since 2009 to create a negative situation he can blame republicans for. “Tax ’em out of business liberals” like Nixon and Stacey Newman know the news media won’t condemn them for their lies. They rely heavily on emotional fear inducing rhetoric and misrepresentations to deceive citizens with their purposeful lies designed to demonize their political opponents. Just say: “Republicans want to throw Granny off the cliff, destroy education funding, and hurt the poor,” and you’ll get a favorable press eagerly amplifying those words to solidify the misconception beneficial to liberals.

State Rep. Stacy Newman should apologize for playing the “Holocaust Card” and Jay Nixon should apologize for lying to us. Any Jewish citizen who truly suffered under Hitler will tell you it all began when a public sentiment of hate and loathing was created against them by Hitler’s false propaganda machine. They’d be the first to warn you about the injustice of letting designing, deceitful politicians form a general consensus of ill will toward you with false assertions.

JOHN McMILLEN, Sikeston, Mo.

A Letter To Governor Nixon

Governor Nixon,https://i0.wp.com/governor.mo.gov/img/GovernorNixon.jpg

What plans could be made to get Federal Funding out of our School system?  The schools are introducing objectionable and age-inappropriate material to our children.  I believe to keep the integrity of midwest Christian values in our schools, we need to get away from the socialist anti-history, anti-family, anti-community agenda.  We do not need to force-feed our children diversity and green thinking which will undermine their ability to own personal property.

It should be that the diverse that come to this country adopt American values and abide by our laws and respect our the religious values that successfully founded the American society.

Or, maybe we need as a community to replace the public schools with Charter Schools unregulated by any State or Federal bureaucracy.


Janet Boston