The U.S. House voted on Thursday to enact HJ Res 117, the stopgap Continuing Resolution spending measure, which will fund the Federal Government for the next six months… …again kicking the can down the road on any real and meaningful reform of the bloated and out-of-control Federal Government.

So, what was funded by this measure? Among others… …the USDA and its out-of-control welfare state; the Interior Department which is the home of the business-crushing EPA; the Department of Defense and its newly authorized powers of detention, support for Libya and Egypt, and, of course, Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare.  Yes, your fiscally responsible, Republican-controlled U.S. House voted to fund ObamaCare.

I was stunned and disappointed that V.P. Candidate and budget fiscal hawk, Paul Ryan, voted for the new spending and debt.

I was expecting our entire Republican delegation to vote in stride with the leadership, so is I was very heartened to see that Jo Ann Emerson, our self-proclaimed “True Conservative”, voted against the spending measure.  Assuming she voted against it for the right reasons, KUDOS TO HER!  Not finding a related press release, I contacted her district manager for a quote with no response at this writing.



Considering the 8th is an R + 15 district in the Cook Partisan Voting Index, she has no reason to worry about a challenge for her seat from the left.  Thus, we can hope Jo Ann will be the “True Conservative” and take the lead in fighting against the enslavement of our children to this crushing debt.  Winning the battle to balance the budget and pay off the debt would certainly be a legacy worthy of another bridge across the Mississippi.

Here is a summary of the bill from the Library of Congress:

Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013 – Makes continuing appropriations for FY2013.

Appropriates amounts for continuing operations, projects, or activities which were conducted in FY2012 and for which appropriations, funds, or other authority were made available in:

–          the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division A of P.L. 112-55), except for appropriations designated by Congress for disaster relief in such Act

–          the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division B of P.L. 112-55), except for appropriations designated by Congress for disaster relief under the heading “Department of Commerce–Economic Development Administration–Economic Development Assistance Programs” in such Act;

  • the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2012 (division A of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division B of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, 2012 (division C of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2012 (division D of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division E of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division F of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2012 (division G of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (division H of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2012 (division I of P.L. 112-74);
  • the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 (except for appropriations designated by Congress for disaster relief under the heading “Department of Transportation–Federal Highway Administration–Emergency Relief” in such Act; and
  • the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2012 (P.L. 112-77), except for appropriations under the heading “Corps of Engineers-Civil.” Increases such rate of operations by 0.612% percent.

Continues any project or activity in the Overseas Contingency Operations/Global War on Terrorism (OCO/GWOT) at a rate for operations that would be permitted by the amount in the President’s FY2013 budget request.

Provides funding under this joint resolution until whichever of the following first occurs: (1) enactment of an appropriation for any project or activity provided for in it; (2) enactment of the applicable appropriations Act for FY2013 without any provision for such project or activity; or (3) March 27, 2013.

Authorizes continuation of other specified activities (including those for entitlements and other mandatory payments) through such date.

Amends the Continuing Appropriations and Surface Transportation Extensions Act, 2011 to extend through March 27, 2013, the mandatory freeze on the pay of certain federal civilian employees.

Declares that any statutory pay adjustment otherwise scheduled to take effect during FY2013 but before March 27, 2013, may take effect on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after that date.

Sets forth reporting requirements of specified federal departments and agencies to congressional appropriations committees through March 27, 2013, on: (1) certain spending, expenditure, or operating plans; and (2) updates to such plans to reflect any adjustments to funding as a result of a sequestration ordered by the President under the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act and any extension to such date.

Requires the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by November 1, 2012, and each ensuing month through April 27, 2013 to report to such committees on all obligations incurred by each department and agency through March 27, 2013.

Allows amounts made available for the Department of Commerce–National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–Procurement, Acquisition and Construction to be apportioned up to the rate for operations necessary to maintain the planned launch schedules for the Joint Polar Satellite System and the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite system. Requires the Director of OMB to report to congressional appropriations committees a plan to maintain the launch schedules and life cycle cost estimates established in FY2012 for such satellite systems and options for reducing costs, including management costs.

Requires the Secretary of Education to report to specified congressional committees regarding the extent to which students in the following categories are taught by teachers deemed highly qualified: (1) students with disabilities, (2) English learners, (3) students in rural areas, and (4) students from low-income families.

Makes appropriations for payment to the heirs at law of Donald M. Payne, a former Representative from New Jersey.




Support The REINS Act

By David Epps, Cape Girardeau, MO [Edited by Brian Bollmann]

An Open Letter To:

  • Senator Roy D. Blunt
  • Senator Claire McCaskill
  • Representative Jo Ann Emerson

I demand you support the REINS Act.

Congress must play the largest role in making rules that govern our country. Unfortunately, the balance of power between the branches has been disturbed and executive agencies distort often decades-old statutes to install presidential policies that Congress never intended and would never approve. This must end.

The EPA, DOE, FDA, FED, HUD and other agencies were formed in the best interests of the people of the United States but they have been turned and used as a weapon against America. Neither you nor I could have ever believed that such a thing could happen, but it has!

A case in point, the EPA:

Take second hand smoke. You cannot point to a lung cancer and say that is a result of the carcinogens in the smoke. All you can say is that there is statistical probability that it may be. But there is a statistical probability that it is from something else.

Or take dust and particulates, it looks dirty so therefore it is dirty and needs regulation. Well no it doesn’t until it is proved beyond a shadow of doubt that it is the cause of direct harm. The head of the EPA said “We would regulate dust if we had the budget”. There is no science in that statement just an expression of a desire of a bureaucrat to perform to their job description, regulate.

Or take SO2 and other emissions from burning coal. It was proved that SO2 produces acid rain so we cleaned it up. Now it has stopped acid rain so what is the necessity of further cleaning. NONE. There is a point of diminishing returns. But yet the EPA is continuing to tighten emissions without proof of harm.

There is a point of diminishing returns! The EPA website proves it!

As of 2010 the US had spent $729 billion total on Air pollution abatement. The EPA claimed that this resulted in 160,000 fewer deaths per year due to reduced adult mortality. By 2020 the US will spend an additional $650 billion total on Air pollution abatement. The EPA claims that this result in an additional 70,000 fewer deaths per year due to reduced adult mortality.

I will decide if it is worth it? It ain’t!!

The total deaths in the US due to all causes in 2007 was 2.4 million.

Certified cause of Deaths US

  • 2,423,712 – All causes
  • 616,067 – Diseases of heart
  • 562,875 – Malignant neoplasms
  • 135,952 – Cerebrovascular diseases
  • 127,924 – Chronic lower respiratory diseases
  • 123,706 – Accidents (unintentional injuries)
  • 74,632 – Alzheimer’s disease
  • 71,382 – Diabetes mellitus
  • 52,717 – Influenza and pneumonia
  • 46,448 – Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis
  • 34,828 – Septicemia
  • 34,598 – Intentional self-harm (suicide)
  • 29,165 – Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
  • 23,965 – Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease14
  • 20,058 – Parkinson’s disease
  • 18,361 – Assault (homicide)
  • 451,034 – All other causes (Residual)

Source CDC

1,186,039 – Fetuses Aborted

The $650 billion could be more wisely spent and have far more efficacy discovering cures for all the other causes of death — well like lung cancer!

And if that is not enough to convince you how out of control the EPA is just look at their website. Its contents are purely political. The EPA claims that we either pay $650 billion for clean the air or pay $2 trillion for poor health? The EPA arrived at this figure by assuming each death is worth about $7.4 million each.  Is death really worth $7.4 million?

The REINS Act would ensure that any regulation with an impact of more than $100 million would be subject to an up-or-down vote in both chambers of Congress and would require a presidential signature before the regulation would become law.

The REINS Act is about transparency, accountability and the proper balance of power between Congress and the president. I urge you to do the job you were elected to do and ensure that no regulations with a major impact on our economy become law unless Congress approves them.

I demand you support the REINS Act and that you and congress get directly involved in regulating the EPA regulators. This statement sounds so bazaar but that is exactly what we get when we put a communist in the White House.


Emerson Signs On To Raise Your Taxes

From Americans for Prosperity

A group of 100 U.S. Representatives sent a letter to the so-called Super Committee urging the handpicked group of twelve legislators to consider “all options for mandatory and discretionary spending and revenues” in order to reach the committee’s goal of $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten years. In Washington speak, this is code for raising taxes.

Among this list is 40 Republicans whose capitulation encouraging the committee to raise taxes is troubling. We shouldn’t be surprised to see 60 Democrats seizing on the opportunity to drive a wedge between conservatives intent on restoring economic growth by keeping taxes low and Republican lawmakers who are starting to throw in the towel on keeping pressure on Democrats to cut spending.

The letter includes the sentence:

To succeed, all options for mandatory and discretionary spending and revenues must be on the table

In Washington-speak, this means tax increases, and your local House Republican signed the letter.

When you fought against the debt-ceiling increase earlier this year, you knew Tax Increases would be their solution.  And, now you see the fruit of Congress’ Super Committee will indeed include Tax Increases.  Spending will continue to rise at an astronomical rate, the debt will continue to increase, and our children and grandchildren will be further enslaved to the spineless representatives of our current generation.  When will you make them stop?

Contact your Congressman and tell them NOT ONE DIME OF TAX INCREASES UNTIL YOU BALANCE THE BUDGET. PERIOD!!  A lack of taxation is not the cause of this problem.  IT’S THE SPENDING! STUPID!!

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – October 2010

Takeaway Activism

Do you want to help finance the Barack Obama Re-Election Campaign of 2012?

Do you want your tax dollars to help finance the Barack Obama Re-Election Campaign of 2012?

Of course not

But, if the President gets his way, that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing.  At a joint session of congress, usually reserved for declarations of war and State Of The Union Addresses, Obama introduced his much-touted $447 Billion American Jobs Act – admonishing congress to “Pass This Bill” 17 times during his speech.  You and I know it is nothing more than a political ploy that will be used to beat the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012.

Last week, the Democrat led Senate failed to pass the bill.  Now, there is talk that the bill will be split up into various parts, and the American Federation of Teachers wants you to support the spending of $35 Billion of your Federal tax dollars to save 280,000 teachers jobs nationwide.

That’s $125,000 per teaching job.  How many of you are making $125,000 per year?

The American Federation of Teachers, the Democrats, and Barack Obama have a plan for you:

  1. They want you to continue to support the invasion by the Federal Government into our local schools with the usual government strings attached.  Do we want that?
  2. They want to control everything from what your kids eat at school to whether or not you’re allowed to read The Bible between classes.  Do we want that?
  3. They want to take more money from your grandkids and great-grandkids to give to teachers now.  Do we want that?
  4. They want to take your tax dollars, funnel it through 280,000 teachers’ union dues, and finance their campaigns with help from their friends the union bosses.  Do we want that?

Of course not

But, guess what, a $35 Billion Schools Bill sounds a lot better than a $447 Billion Jobs bill.  And, it might sound just good enough to Roy Blunt, Claire McCaskill, and Jo Ann Emerson to vote for it.  Heck, they voted for the Korean Free Trade Agreement which, according to the Economic Policy Institute, will cost 159,000 U.S. jobs and will have a net negative $20.7 Billion effect on the U.S. / Korea trade balance.

Each month at our Third Tuesday Tea Time, the CCTP will ask you to Get Active!  We’ll call it Takeaway Activism.

This month we are asking you to contact your Federal Representatives to tell them to VOTE NO on the American Jobs Act and any other incarnation or portion of it.  VOTE NO for spending increases.  VOTE NO for more job strangling regulation.  VOTE NO!!

You may not have any practice calling or writing your Federal Representatives, well now is the time to get that practice.  It’s time to Get Active!  Our country is on the precipice, and we are the last defense of our Freedom and our Constitution.  Our apathy has brought us here!  Our lack of concern is failing our children and grandchildren.  It’s time to Get Active!

So, we ask you to call or write your Federal Representatives; call or write your Local Newspapers and Television Stations… …and tell your neighbors that if they want to prevent their tax dollars from paying for Elections and Re-Election of Democrats and President Obama, they better… …Get Active!

Phone Numbers and Contact information is available on the CCTP Web Site at CapeCountyTeaParty.org.

For anyone who needs it, the local phone numbers are:

  • Claire McCaskill:                (573) 651-0964
  • Roy Blunt:                            (573) 334-7044
  • Jo Ann Emerson:              (573) 335-0101