A Kind Note From Patrick Naeger

We had a spirited TTTT night at the Cape Library on Tuesday!  I started to ask some tough questions about Social Security / Medicare, and the opinions were passionate.

We met a lot of great people and received a kind note from Patrick Naeger complimenting us on the meeting.  Thank you for your kind words:


It was a pleasure to attend and I have already told some folks about your group.  You know the other night you had asked about Medicare and Social Security.  I think you are right to bring these two issues up because fundamentally these two issues consume more than half of the revenue our Federal government takes in.  These two individual items are the top two expenditures, and as you pointed out, no one is serious about fixing.

I was going to throw out my opinion the other night but the conversation went another direction.  I think the time is now for boldness…….I truly believe that until the Members of Congress have to rely on Medicare and Social Security for their retirement safety net this will not be fixed.  I think the Tea Party should insist that every Candidate for Congress that wants its support should have to pledge to strip Congressional retirement and Healthcare Benefits  and should have to pay into and depend upon Social Security and Medicare for their retirement!  This my friend would be a wake-up call!  Congress is simply 535 of 300 million American citizens and they are ruining these vital programs and I am sick of it! The bottom line is this……for as long as I can remember these politicians say they are going to fix it……hasn’t happened and we are going to see these programs destroyed if we do not act!

Tell me this would not get folks fired up………!