Policy On Endorsements

The Cape County Tea Party is a group of similarly-minded Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists that recognize the precipice upon which the United States of America stands in the face of National Debt, Unconstitutional Laws, Soul-Crushing Regulations, and Tyranny.

Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize fellow citizens, to secure public policy consistent with Fiscal Responsibility, Founding Principles, and Constitutionally Limited Government under God.

The Cape County Tea Party’s policy on endorsing political candidates and parties is as follows:

The Cape County Tea Party is a singular group not directly affiliated with, subordinate to, or controlling of  any other Tea Party, political group or organization.  As an entity/group, the Cape County Tea Party does not endorse, affirm, or champion individual Political Candidates or Political Parties.

Any candidate or party’s claim that they are endorsed by Tea Party would therefore not be inclusive of the Cape County Tea Party group.

Individual Cape County Tea Party Steering Committee members, Cape County Tea Party general member, and others working the Cape County Tea Party are welcome to make such endorsements.  However, such endorsements do not in any way reflect on the Cape County Tea Party group/entity as a whole.



Policy Revised: 12/13/2011