Primary Election 8/7/12 – Cape County Sample Ballots

Here are the (sample) ballots for the upcoming 8/7/12 Primary Election:

Constitution Party:

Constitution Party – C2

Constitution Party – C3

Constitution Party – C4

Constitution Party – C5

Constitution Party – C6

Democratic Party:

Democratic Party – D2

Democratic Party – D3

Democratic Party – D4

Democratic Party – D5

Democratic Party – D6

Libertarian Party:

Libertarian Party – L2

Libertarian Party – L3

Libertarian Party – L4

Libertarian Party – L5

Libertarian Party – L6


Non-Partisan – NP1

Republican Party:

Republican Party – R2

Republican Party – R3

Republican Party – R4

Republican Party – R5

Republican Party – R6


Be sure to take your rights out for some exercise on Election Day!!