Consent Of The Governed Rally – Jefferson City – 1/4/12

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Rally Day: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 — Jefferson City, MO — 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Join Us at the Consent of the Governed Rally
Please mark your calender and pass the word on!
Does it really matter if you stay home?
It matters because there is no way for our elected officals to know the citizens are watching unless they see us at the Capitol!
You know that old saying: “out of sight; out of mind.”
Are the citizens of Missouri still awake? Are they watching?
This rally is organized to help people like YOU be seen and heard.
A large turnout shows that it’s not just a few “squeaky wheels” in Missouri whining about government spending.
YOU can be part of real change in Missouri.
Will YOU be heard this year?
Jefferson City on January 4 
Opening Day of the Missouri Legislative Session
10:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m.
Come Early

The program will include a review of key issues of concern to conservatives and a variety of guest speakers.  Attendees will be given a packet of information and encouraged to meet and get to know their representative and senator while they are at the Capitol.

We will rally on January 4 to celebrate the Missouri Constitution and send a message of encouragement to our lawmakers.  Each Senator and Representative will be given an 11 x 14-inch framed and matted document that has the Preamble to the Missouri Constitution and the first four sections of Article 1. (Read framed language.) Will you help support the cost of providing one of these beautifully framed and matted document to our legislators by making a small donation to help us cover the cost? You can do this by going to

For liberty,

Sponsors of the Consent of the Governed Rally

Thank you to our financial sponsors:

Missouri Campaign for Liberty
Concerned Women for America of Missouri
Warren County Patriots
Mid-Missouri Patriots
Coyne Agency Inc.
Callaway Patriot Tea Party
Todd Isaac Skelton (Ike)
If you would like to donate, go here.
Please forward this information to your list and invite other groups to participate.  We want to help start the new session with a strong message of unity and support for the cause of liberty.
Dave Roland
Rep. Ed Emery
David Linton
Ed Martin
January 4, 2012
1st. Floor Rotunda, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO


9:30 – 10:30:  Come Early for Assistance locating your Rep. & Senator
10:30 – 11:30:  Speakers
11:30 – ?:  Presentation of Documents
Visit with your senator and rep in their office.
 Organization Sponsors
Franklin County Patriots Missouri Campaign for Liberty Missouri First
Concerned Women for America Mexico Patriot Tea Party Sullivan 9/12
Missouri Precinct Project Crawford County Campaign for Liberty Cooper County Patriots
Branson Tea Party Coalition Eureka Tea Party Mid-MO Patriots
St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Lebanon Tea Party Sikeston Tea Party
I Heard the People Say Capital TEA Party God and Country
Show Me Patriots National Eagle Forum Cape County Tea Party
Macon County Patriots
If your group would like to co-sponsor this rally,
please email for more information.