The Missouri Legislature Must ENACT Right-To-Work

The Missouri Senate has passed, and the Missouri House is considering SB 29 which will give a public employee the right to choose whether or not to allow Labor Unions to withhold fees and whether those fees can be used for Political Purposes.

In response to this effort by the Missouri Legislature, the Communications Workers of America Union sent out the following e-mail blast:

CWA E-Mail - 20130410

Again, that e-mail is sent in opposition to a bill that would give the CWA’s own members the right to choose whether or not union dues are withheld and used for political purposes!  You would think…


For some odd reason, First Responders are not granted the right to choose under this bill, but I digress.

Just to emphasize their claims:

  • It is a direct attack on all of us that work every day and believe in the protections of a union.
  • It will lead to larger class sizes for teachers
  • It will lead to unsafe staffing levels for nurses
  • It would stop first responders like police officers from advocating for public safety needs
  • It would mean front-line state workers who work in our veterans’ homes would lose their voice on the job and in the statehouse
  • It would mean those who investigate child abuse and neglect would lose their voice on the job and in the statehouse

Anyone with a 9th grade education can read SB 29 and comprehend that the CWA claims are absolutely ludicrous.  Considering unions are so great, why would a member choose not to send in their dues and allow them to be used for political purposes?!?

Sadly, the same level of ludicrousness was true of the Prop B Puppy Mill ballot measure, yet Low Information Voters (LIVs) passed it by 51.6%.

The Missouri Legislature Must ENACT Missouri’s Right To Work Legislation!

With SB 29 in mind, the Missouri Legislature is also considering Right To Work legislation.  But, instead of directly enacting the legislation, they are planning to put it on the ballot.  Whatever their reasoning may be (self-preservation?), it’s a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. idea.

By putting the Right To Work legislation on the Ballot, the Missouri Legislature is setting up the State for a Wisconsonian Union and Media circus that could and should be avoided like the plague.  A fully staffed, highly funded maelstrom of Organized Labor disinformation will descend upon the state with all the commensurate physical threats and property damage.  It won’t be pretty:

  • Union Members bused in for massive inorganic rallies at the Capitol
  • Commercial after commercial with Republicans killing baby seals and Union Members
  • SEIU Goons attacking local vendors
  • Democrat Secretary of State Kander’s ballot language likely skewed to prevent passage

With the CWA willing to make the above incredible claims over a bill that gives their members the right to choose, legislators know that they will double-down on such ridiculous allegations in regards to Right To Work.

What is the Republican plan to fight against such bedlam?  At least one Representative thinks constituents should invest their time and treasure to fight for the measure.  What?!?  Missourians already invested their time and treasure to elect a veto-proof Republican majority in the House and Senate WITH the knowledge and expectation that they enact Right To Work legislation.  It is outrageous to expect Missouri Republicans to engage in this fight once again when it is not necessary.

What happens when the ballot measure fails?  In 1978, Right To Work legislation was placed before the people and it failed.  It has been 35 years since, and we are just now to the point where the legislation can be enacted by the legislature, and now is the time.

Another bill with the same exact wording, sans the voter approval, is also under consideration.  This Right To Work bill should be brought to the floor and receive a vote.  If it passes, great!  If not, then voters know which Representatives need to be lobbied to pass the bill in a future session… …or worst case… …work to replace that Representative.

Please contact your Legislator today and urge them to bring HB 95 to the floor for a vote.  This bill gives workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union.  Do we believe in Freedom in Missouri?  Yes, we do.

(Should I get into my questions as to why it has taken from 2/13/13 to 4/3/13 — that’s 50 days folks and over 1/3 of the session — for the RTW bills to get from the Public Hearing to being voted Do Pass by the Committee?  It’s almost like people in charge of moving the bill to and through committee don’t want it to pass.  But again, I digress.)

Again, considering unions are so great, why would a worker choose not to join?  What do the unions have to worry about?

Missouri Right To Work

I attempted to attend the Right To Work hearing in Jefferson City today.  The room was overflowing, so instead, I visited with various legislators and friends throughout the building.  As I drove back to St. Louis, lots of questions were swirling in my head.  Here they are.  Read them imagining they’re being asked with all possible condescension and loathing by David Spade’s character ‘Richard’ in the movie ‘Tommy Boy’:

If unions are so great and provide such a benefit to the companies and the state at large… …why do they need a law to force employees to join the union?

Shouldn’t the employees ‘want’ to join the union?

Why do unions think that employees will leave them when the Missouri voters free the employee to make their own decision? I thought unions were so great? Shouldn’t employees still ‘want’ to stay with the unions since they are so great?

If unions are so great, why do they need to have prevailing wage laws to be able to compete for state contracts? Shouldn’t union labor costs be lower because they are so great and competitive?

Don’t the union bosses believe in the freedom of the employee to make up their own mind in deciding to join the union based on the benefits that the union can offer them? Shouldn’t the employee be allowed the freedom to choose?

And since unions are so great, the employees will certainly choose to join them, right?!?! So, there’s nothing for the union bosses to worry about and this is much ado about nothing.

I’m sure the bosses at the unions are mostly pro-choice in killing babies.  Shouldn’t they also be pro-choice in joining the union as well?

Or, did we find another prime example of hypocrisy in the Democratic ranks.


TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – January 2012

Each month at the Third Tuesday Tea Time, we ask that you get involved / get active in the effort to save our Republic and our children from the enslavement of the debt created under the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Here are this month’s items for TTTT Takeaway Activism:

This year, let’s make your Super Bowl party extra special! 

Your local food pantries are struggling to meet the needs of your community.  With the never-ending recession and the holidays, food pantry shelves are quite bare.

If you are holding a Super Bowl party at your home, ask your guests to bring items for your local food pantry!  Yes, you can make your party a bigger hit by taking the opportunity to give back to those who are less fortunate!

If you are attending a Super Bowl party at a friend or family member’s home, suggest to them that they take part in the fun by collecting food items for the pantry.  Offer to bring boxes and take the items to the pantry when the party is over.

You will be providing great support for your community

Right To Work

Considering you believe in Freedom, you might believe in the freedom to join a union or not.  Being required to join a union gives power to union leaders to ignore the wishes of the members.  When an employee has the right to choose (via Right-To-Work legislation), the union must be responsive to the members’ needs and their wishes.

The Speaker of the House in Missouri, Steven Tilley, has decided not to bring legislation to the floor that would enact Right-To-Work legislation.  He claims that it would be a waste of time knowing that Governor Nixon would just veto the legislation.

Since when do Missouri Republicans decide what’s best for Missouri based on the threat of veto from a Democrat Governors?!?!  Should the voters of Missouri decide to vote for Democrat General Assembly Members because only their bills will get the Governor’s signature?!?!  No!

Speaker Tilley must pass the legislation that makes Missouri more competitive with the SIX Right-To-Work states that border Missouri.  Then, if Governor Nixon wants to veto the bill and reduce Missouri’s competitiveness, voters will have the opportunity to pick a Governor who will even the playing field with other states.  (

Contact your local General Assembly Representative and ask them to push Speaker Tilley to enact Right-To-Work legislation! (

District 157
Donna Lichtenegger

District 158
Wayne Wallingford

District 159
Billy Pat Wright

District 160
Ellen Brandom

Senatorial District 27
Jason Crowell
573- 751-2459