Those Who Cast The Votes Decide Nothing

By David O.

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything.” 

Joseph Stalin

I’ve been saying it for the better part of a year.  His majesty, king Obama will not, he cannot allow himself to be defeated!  If he cannot get us into a declared war (in which case he stays in…watch closely what’s going on in the Middle-East), he will so corrupt the election process using fraud, and just down-right stealing of this election, that his re-election will be assured.

Now, there’s this…

(which slipped by me at first, but was brought to my attention today by my son)

So now, a Spanish company, with no US citizens on it’s board, and zero accountability to US voters will count some of our votes in in 4 states (plus DC) in November.  This will include votes cast by our military based overseas.  Spain BTW is mostly controlled by a liberal, socialist government.  The country is in financial crisis, and is begging for bail-outs.  Obama has been going to bat for them, putting pressure on lenders.  Do you see a connection?  Do you really think their count will be unbiased?  Do you wonder who really owns this company?  (we will probably never know)  The current CEO of this Spanish company was previously the VP and CFO for a telecom company based in…Chicago! (imagine that)


Pile that on top of the George Soros “SOS Project”, where he (and others) piled millions into getting liberal Democrats elected to Secretary of State positions in many states.  Why?…because the Secretary of State determines how votes are counted in all states, and in a close election, they decide who is the winner.  Don’t be fooled, this project is not dead…just in hiding.

Both sides have thousands of lawyers lined-up to challenge the election results in November.  With good reason! This will likely be the most corrupt election in US history.  Watch closely!

Now, read that quote from Joseph Stalin again!
Dave O.

“Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not”
Thomas Jefferson