Solyndra: Sundown on Obama?

Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases

John Adams

For years we have listened to charges and counter-charges of corruption in Washington, D.C. We have even been treated to both parties pointing the finger at the other and accusing them of being part of a culture of corruption. Naively, many even believed that the administration of President Obama would somehow be different.

It’s difficult to understand exactly how this belief came to be considering that Obama emerged from the corrupt Chicago political scene. But hope springs eternal, even when change is hard to come by.

The ongoing Solyndra scandle, outlined here and here is just one of the latest example of how money buys influence in Washington, D.C. Anyone who believes that elected politicians maintain impartiality while accepting hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars worth of campaign contributions has a faith in the goodness of human nature that simply has not been borne out by history.

It is remarkable that the Obama administration’s scandal du jour relates to solar energy, green jobs and the government largess that seeks to build castles in the sky. Reminds me of Aerotropolis, but I digress.

Whether or not the Solyndra scandal will represent sundown for the green jobs fantasy and the Obama administration, only time will tell.