TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – October 2010

Takeaway Activism

Do you want to help finance the Barack Obama Re-Election Campaign of 2012?

Do you want your tax dollars to help finance the Barack Obama Re-Election Campaign of 2012?

Of course not

But, if the President gets his way, that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing.  At a joint session of congress, usually reserved for declarations of war and State Of The Union Addresses, Obama introduced his much-touted $447 Billion American Jobs Act – admonishing congress to “Pass This Bill” 17 times during his speech.  You and I know it is nothing more than a political ploy that will be used to beat the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012.

Last week, the Democrat led Senate failed to pass the bill.  Now, there is talk that the bill will be split up into various parts, and the American Federation of Teachers wants you to support the spending of $35 Billion of your Federal tax dollars to save 280,000 teachers jobs nationwide.

That’s $125,000 per teaching job.  How many of you are making $125,000 per year?

The American Federation of Teachers, the Democrats, and Barack Obama have a plan for you:

  1. They want you to continue to support the invasion by the Federal Government into our local schools with the usual government strings attached.  Do we want that?
  2. They want to control everything from what your kids eat at school to whether or not you’re allowed to read The Bible between classes.  Do we want that?
  3. They want to take more money from your grandkids and great-grandkids to give to teachers now.  Do we want that?
  4. They want to take your tax dollars, funnel it through 280,000 teachers’ union dues, and finance their campaigns with help from their friends the union bosses.  Do we want that?

Of course not

But, guess what, a $35 Billion Schools Bill sounds a lot better than a $447 Billion Jobs bill.  And, it might sound just good enough to Roy Blunt, Claire McCaskill, and Jo Ann Emerson to vote for it.  Heck, they voted for the Korean Free Trade Agreement which, according to the Economic Policy Institute, will cost 159,000 U.S. jobs and will have a net negative $20.7 Billion effect on the U.S. / Korea trade balance.

Each month at our Third Tuesday Tea Time, the CCTP will ask you to Get Active!  We’ll call it Takeaway Activism.

This month we are asking you to contact your Federal Representatives to tell them to VOTE NO on the American Jobs Act and any other incarnation or portion of it.  VOTE NO for spending increases.  VOTE NO for more job strangling regulation.  VOTE NO!!

You may not have any practice calling or writing your Federal Representatives, well now is the time to get that practice.  It’s time to Get Active!  Our country is on the precipice, and we are the last defense of our Freedom and our Constitution.  Our apathy has brought us here!  Our lack of concern is failing our children and grandchildren.  It’s time to Get Active!

So, we ask you to call or write your Federal Representatives; call or write your Local Newspapers and Television Stations… …and tell your neighbors that if they want to prevent their tax dollars from paying for Elections and Re-Election of Democrats and President Obama, they better… …Get Active!

Phone Numbers and Contact information is available on the CCTP Web Site at

For anyone who needs it, the local phone numbers are:

  • Claire McCaskill:                (573) 651-0964
  • Roy Blunt:                            (573) 334-7044
  • Jo Ann Emerson:              (573) 335-0101