CCTP Speakers Series – Doreen Hannes – Controlling The Food

Doreen Hannes provided a particularly troubling view of the control of our food supply by the Federal Government and the United Nations.  It is a great segue to the Agenda 21 speaker, Ray Cunio, that will speak on 4/17/12 at our monthly Third Tuesday Tea Time.

A couple of tidbits that stood out with me is, due to stifling regulations,  by volume, 20% of the U.S. food supply is grown / harvested / created outside the United States with larger percentages in various categories:

  • 99% of the grapefruit juice we drink is produced on American soil
  • 25% of orange juice is imported
  • 50% of fresh fruit is imported
  • 86% of the shrimp, salmon, tilapia and other fish and shellfish
  • 85% of the apple juice we drink is imported
  • 44% of the dry peas and lentils Americans consume are imported

And, only 2% of Americans are engaged in Agriculture.

Doreen provided some information to be distributed at the 3/24/12 event, but the e-mail go mixed up somewhere in ‘the cloud’.

Here are the documents she provided for the event:

Doreen Hannes – Stevens County Pushback

Doreen Hannes – Alphabet Soup Key

Doreen Hannes – Stevens County Pushback