Vote To Override Nixon’s HB253 Veto

By Darrell Seabaugh:

Dear Rep. Hampton,
Dear Rep. Gannon,
Dear Rep. Fowler,

It has come to my attention in a recent news article that you were undecided on how you will vote in the next upcoming session regarding the Missouri Income Tax Cut bill (which initially you voted against) that passed both chambers of THE Missouri Legislature but was ultimately vetoed by Gov. J. Nixon.  While I understand your initial position, I nonetheless feH/T missouri.eduel you need to carefully reconsider what is ultimately at stake here.  This is not about our cutting taxes at the expense of our public school systems thereby degrading our children’s quality of education…nor is it about our having to cut or scale back on anything.  It is NOT even a Republican or Democrat partisan issue.  What is at stake here is simply this…JOBS!  And that’s a Missouri issue, no matter what stripe you are!

With no less than five “Right-To-Work” states adjacent to Missouri’s borders, our state is getting killed in the jobs market.  As a state, we are not competitive: not in attracting new jobs, not even in retaining existing jobs.  Cape Girardeau recently got word we are losing over 400 jobs (NARS) and now another 90+ jobs when Spartech closes its door next year.  And that’s just one city with fewer than 38,000 people.  If this trend continues to be left unchecked, fewer Missourians will have jobs than ever before.  Tax revenue will be at an all time low.  How do you think that will impact OUR schools and our state overall?

Lowering Missouri Income Taxes & Corporate Business taxes will go along way in leveling the “jobs” playing field for our state.  I’d much rather prefer having more people having more jobs while paying less taxes (thereby having more to spend to spur growth and also sharing our state tax burden) to keep our state finances solvent rather than having fewer Missourians having fewer jobs having to pay more in taxes (stagflation)!  And do you really want your children coming out of schools only to find no jobs or only few part time jobs?  They will have little choice but to leave this state to look for work elsewhere.  Passing this bill will help to spur real personal growth, attract new businesses and create new jobs…REAL jobs!…and will help retain our existing jobs!

Therefore I urge you to vote FOR the State Income Tax Bill and OVERRIDE Gov. Nixon’s veto in this upcoming September’s legislative session.

Cordial regards,
Darrell W. Seabaugh.