TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – November 2014

Legislative Session

The Missouri State Legislative session begins in January, and bills are pre-filed in December. The Local Legislative Sessions continue biweekly or monthly with ordinances and policies changed on a regular basis. At this month’s meeting, CCTP members will review the different types of legislation created the various levels of government and then divide into groups and discuss opportunities to write legislation for a level of government (local or state).

Join us this month to start guiding our elected representatives in their duties.

Below are documents that will be used in helping with the discussion:

Below is the PowerPoint presentation that was displayed prior to the meeting:


Meeting Calendar

Here is the calendar of meetings between now and the next TTTT

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – July 2014

Candidate Forum

Cape County Tea Party held their regularly scheduled meeting on July 15th.  This meeting included a Candidate Forum for all Cape County contested races in the 08/05/14 election.


Here is the video:



Below is the link to the Meeting Calendar for the next month:

CCTP – TTTT – 20140715 – Takeaway Activism – Calendar

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – June 2014

Amendment 7

The Missouri Legislature along with the Missouri Department of Transportation has placed Amendment 7 on the August 5th ballot to allow Missourians to raise their Sales Taxes to fund MoDOT projects.  Brian Okenfuss with MoDOT attended the June TTTT to present information on the projects and additional information on the tax.

Part 1:

Part 2:



Gun Raffle

Cape County Tea Party is raffling a Mossberg 500 .12 Gauge Shotgun.  Tickets are $5.00 and the gun will be given away when all the tickets are sold.  See any Steering Committee Member for tickets.



Below is the link to the Meeting Calendar for the next month:

CCTP – TTTT – 20140617 – Takeaway Activism – Calendar



The Real Obama Tax Increase

If the voters authorize your subdivision association to spend $10.00 per year, and they spend $11.00 per year.  That’s a $1.00 increase in taxes that dwellers will be required to pay.  It’s a 10% tax increase.

Now magnify that to the scale of Obama’s 4 years.*  American’s authorized the Federal Government to spend $9,836,745,000,000… …yes, that’s almost $10 Trillion.

Barack Obama and the Democrats spent $14,658,185,000,000 — that’s $14.6 Trillion!

By the logic in the 1st sentence, that’s a $4,821,440,000,000 TAX INCREASE!  Per citizen, that’s a $15,306.16 Tax Increase… …a 49% tax increase.  It’s $4,000 per family just for the interest on Obama’s debt

So much for lowering taxes on 98% of all Americans.

*This reflects fiscal years 2010 – 2013 over which the President presided.