Policy in the Margins: Why Grass-Roots Politics Works

What follows is a generalized breakdown of voting in any given election:

People Percent for Victory
100%, all people 50%, plus 1
70% eligible to vote (excludes aliens, felons, and minors) 35%, plus 1
40% registered to vote (approximately 60% of eligible) 20%, plus 1
20% vote on election day (50% of registered voters) 10%, plus 1
7% almost always vote Republican
7% almost always vote Democrat
6% swing votes 3%, plus1

Three percent of the populations plus one voter is where politicians live and die.

In some local and state elections where turnout may be only 20 percent of registered voters, the margin may be far less than three percent plus one.

The average politician lives in constant fear of alienating any substantial portion of this three percent plus one voter he needs in a hotly contested race to win re-election, or to gain higher office.

What is the best way not to alienate these voters?  Do nothing to make them mad, which almost always means … do nothing.

This is why even when new politicians are elected, little seems to change.  Inertia — or the status quo — is the most potent force in politics.

However, by mobilizing and directing voters rallying around a specific issue, you can change the political environment for a politician or even a group of politicians.  One relatively small group can make it more costly for the politician not to act than it is for him or her to act as you want him to.

This is what is meant when it is said that policy is made at the margins.  Over time, the number and effectiveness of activists determines political success or failure.

This is also why the homosexual lobby, labor unions, and organized groups so often get legislation they want.  They have groups of voters who can, and will, vote on their issue alone.  And they often have workers and sometimes money to use against any politician who crosses them.

By becoming a grass-roots leader, you can, too.

That’s where the fun, and the danger, begins.

TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – June 2012

Each month at the Third Tuesday Tea Time, we ask that you get involved / get active in the effort to save our Republic and our children from the enslavement of the debt created under the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Here are this month’s items for TTTT Takeaway Activism:


Missouri Primary / November Election

Are You Registered?

July 11th is the last day to register to vote in the Missouri Primary.  Are you registered to vote?  Don’t know?  You can go to either of these web sites to look up your status:



14% of Americans think they’re registered properly, but they’re not… …that amounts to approximately 33 million unregistered Americans.

Register Your Children

Are your children registered?  Do you know the rules for how / where your college-aged children can register and vote?

Will You Be On Vacation / Working Out Of Town?

Do you need to obtain and submit an absentee ballot?  When can you get the ballot? How late can you submit your vote?

Talk To Your Friends!  Get Them To Vote!

Because of what’s at stake in the upcoming November elections, make sure that your like-minded friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are registered to vote, so we can really make an impact on the future of our nation by voting in both August and November.  If those of us who are registered will get just ONE other person to register and vote, we’ll double our numbers!

Statistics say that 40% of Americans are conservative and another 15% are like-minded in their thinking.  If we get every one of these people to vote for conservative candidates, there’s no way we will ever lose again.

Take your rights out for some exercise on Election Day!

War On Coal

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the U.S. Senate will vote on stopping Obama’s War on Coal, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for Missouri. But Senator Claire McCaskill remains publicly undecided and is likely to vote with Obama to make electricity prices skyrocket!

So, before you go to bed tonight, click the link below through which you can urge Claire McCaskill to stop supporting Obama’s War on Coal!

Contact Your Senators!

Tell her to stop the phony Washington games and to VOTE YES on S.J. RES 37!

If the outrageous Utility MACT rule isn’t stopped, electricity prices in Missouri and across the country will spike and tens of thousands will be put out of work. Obama will be emboldened to move forward with an agenda that he himself explained would make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket” and make it so that “if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can – it’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

A recent study from the Missouri Public Service Commission estimated the compliance costs of the Utility MACT rule for Ameren, Empire, and KCP&L. The shocking conclusion: “the overall cost to the electric utilities and potentially their customers would be in an approximate range of $1,981,000,000 to $3,276,000,000.”

That means sharply higher electric bills for homes and businesses.

We can’t let that happen. Take action now.