Is it Easy to Visit Our State Capitol?

From the desk of Missouri State Senator Brian Nieves:

One of the things I think all senators and representatives look forward to is when actual “real people” — folks from back home — come to visit us. My office is one where constituents are welcomed and encouraged to visit, BUT, unfortunately, there are certain segments of our population who have difficulty doing so. Why? In addition to the challenges inherent to a building that is more than 100 years old, we also have the challenge of limited parking. Our Capitol building houses 163 representatives and 34 senators, as well as multiple members of the executive branch. On any given day, there are many, sometimes hundreds, of visitors who need to visit with their elected officials and have their voices heard. Over the last 10 years, I’ve become increasingly upset to see persons with disabilities, particularly those who became disabled in the service of our great nation, having to park blocks from the Capitol and travel long distances to get to the building! I have, on multiple occasions, quietly filed legislation to correct this problem by changing the way parking is reserved at our Capitol, but have received little or no support. You may wonder why our politicians would resist fixing this obvious problem and I’ll tell you why… The only way to expand handicap parking is to reduce or eliminate the premium, reserved parking held for members of the press. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard legislators indicate they’re unwillingness to “tangle” with or get in to a battle of sorts, with the press! Legislators are, with good reason, afraid to upset the press and typically try to avoid doing so. Why? Very simple, have you ever heard the old adage, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel?” There is a very, very good reason that adage is so well known and I can tell you from personal experience that when you tangle with the press, it gets ugly! Several members of the press have written ugly, insulting and downright attacking articles, editorials, and opinion pieces in the recent days since I filed my expansion of handicap parking bill. Two reporters have written “hit pieces” about me filing my parking fix that are so ugly that many people read them and immediately called me to express how sad they were to see members of the press act like such bullies! One reporter’s article was entitled, in big bold print, “Nieves is an Embarrassment” and it only got worse from there. Both of these so called “news reporters” had not written anything about me for a long time but WHAM! As soon as I file a bill to replace the press parking with handicap parking, they suddenly feel the need to attack, attack, attack! Do I feel like a victim? Not at all. Do I feel intimidated by the obvious attempts to bully and cajole? Not at all. Will I be forced by the press to sit silent while our disabled veterans have to trek to the Capitol from two blocks away so that healthy, able bodied members of the press park right up front? Never!

h/t mo.govLet me share a story and answer some of the reporters’ attacks… Recently, I had the honor of hosting visitors from back home. One of these visitors was a man who, at 70 years of age, has seen more combat in the service of our Republic than you or I could imagine in our worst nightmare. He is a disabled combat veteran and is highly decorated for valor, but guess what? You got it, no handicap parking! On that very day, I introduced SB 694 to correct the injustice he and countless members of our disabled community have endured while trying to visit their Capitol. To answer the reporters… Did I introduce the bill with a bit of fire? Yes! Did I call out the press? Yes! Was I understandably upset about what had happened to my constituent, a true American hero, that day? Yes! Am I sorry for not acting more “Senatorial” in my introduction? No! I am tired of milquetoast politicians ruling the day and will not be counted among them, if that upsets members of the press, so be it. One of the reporters is a veteran and I honor his service but why, why won’t he stand up and do what is right? Why does he attack me for simply trying to right a wrong? Is his dislike for me so strong that he can’t see past me to the issue at hand? I’m here every day of session and I know there are not enough handicap parking spots. I also know it is wrong for a private, for-profit industry to be granted free parking while our disabled veterans park two blocks away. I call upon these reporters to withdraw their fight against me and this rightful bill and endorse my plan to give more access to folks with disabilities and particularly our disabled vets. I will also mention that both these reporters asked me to give up my parking and I’d like to remind them both of something they already know, but failed to mention. My parking is in a secured underground area that is a long walk from the Capitol! Giving up my spot does nothing for disabled folks because they’d still be traveling just as far, but press parking is right up close! These reporters know they are wrong and I will gladly work hand-in-hand with them to work out a “parking fix” that will still allow them a spot, but not at the expense of allowing easy access to those who truly need it. To the reporters — I’m sure I will never look, act, speak, have the demeanor, or carry myself in a manner that is pleasing to you but it’s time to put our differences aside and fix this! My phone number is (573) 751-3678 and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your call.

So, here are some of the attacks on Senator Nieves that he mentions:

Here is the story by the

Here is one from complaining about American’s First Amendment rights to petition (lobby) their government.

Here is the ‘Embarrassment’ piece he mentions in the that also complains about the First Amendment right to petition their government.  Ironic that they bring up the $500 in World Series tickets – information that’s available because of the transparency laws that created an atmosphere for ALL citizens to watch their government.. …and not just trust the left-wing press.

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