TTTT Takeaway Activism and Notes – November 2012

This month’s TTTT had the added benefit of a Speaker and a Project.  Read on to learn more…

Speaker Notes:

Our speaker this month was Mark Herr from the Mid-South Tea Party and the Tennessee Center for Self Governance.  While we were expecting a discussion on Nullification, we were blessed with an exhilarating discussion of a plan and program that will allow CCTP members to go beyond Civil Responsibility and Activism.  The program guides the trainee to a level of Civil Authority that was instilled in our countries founding intended to be employed by an active and involved electorate.

Here’s Mark Herr’s info / bio:

Our speaker has helped organize the Mid-South Tea Party into a productive and effective team-based structure based upon the strengths and passions of members. Working with local, state, and federal teams, the Mid-South Tea Party was critical in defeating an Animal Control Ordinance, lowering the property tax, opposing Agenda 21, and much more. He has been critical in coordinating a state-wide Tea Party alliance, bringing together Tea Party groups in Tennessee on a quarterly basis.

Currently, he is working to build relationships with Tea Parties & Liberty Groups throughout Tennessee and help them build relationships with legislators to enable & enact a Tea Party Legislative Agenda…he is working to get the Health Care Compact (and soon the Education, Energy, and Banking Compacts) passed in TN…he is also working to abolish so-called ‘Sustainable Development’ in his county

…and he is an amateur radio host of The Mid-South Tea Party Radio Show.

He does all of this because he believes the Tea Party is the last barrier to overreaching Federal Government, the therapist for under-reaching State Government, and the educator of the General Public who must ultimately “restore Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People.”

And finally, as an avid golfer who gave up the sport to work to save his country, he hopes someday to golf again…as much as the President does.


Be sure to check out the Tennessee Center for Self Governance web site.  We are planning to hold Level 1 training in Cape on 1/5/13.


Takeaway Activism:

There was no specific Takeaway Activism this month because we completed the task at the end of the meeting.

The CCTP held an ACLU Christmas Card Party!!  We joined in completing and sending 104 Christmas Cards to the ACLU’s Membership Department wishing them — not Seasons Greetings — not Happy Holidays — but MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ACLU Christmas Card - 01


…complete with a Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus stamp.


ACLU Christmas Card - 02.

Merry Christmas, ACLU.  We so appreciate your war on Christmas and the lie of Separation of Church and State.

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