On Scott Walker

A Letter to ‘Speak Out’ by John McMillen:

The conservative victory by Scott Walker in Wisconsin marks the third time Barack Obama’s vision of Big Labor/Big Government philosophy has been defeated at the polls since Obama’s inauguration. But the liberal media keep spinning (lying) about this overwhelming rejection of Kenyan er, excuse me, Keynesian economics.  If ever there was a referendum on public sector unions and the President’s idea of how government should work, it was again this Wisconsin election.

h/t AdriennesCatholicCorner.blogspot.com

Every far left democrat trick in the book was played; breaking into the capitol building, destroying tax payer property; the constant media drum beat that the democrats were the champions of democracy, and they were going to run that evil Walker and his administration out of town on a rail; even their typical delayed stacked questionable voting in the closing hour of the polls.  The wide margin gap did narrow considerably (thanks to this “get out the late mass run voting in the closing hours” tactic, from the 20 per cent blowout that held up till about 80% of the votes being counted.  They narrowed the margin to 7%.

So how’s all that racist, union thug, media corruption working out for you democrats?

The working people of this country are sick and tired of the lying media propping up fraudulent democrats bilking the tax payer for over the top spending in order to buy democrat voting blocs.  Public union employee’s salaries and benefits are paid by the taxpayer. These public unions dwarf the compensation package of the typical working tax payer in the private sector.

Up until it was obvious Walker had won, the liberal media were crowing about this being a foretelling of the outcome in the November elections.  They immediately stopped that line, and twisted it to say it would have no impact on the November elections and they started spinning how much alike Obama and Walker are in turning the economy around.

Correction liberals, Walker turned a huge deficit into a balanced budget and now a little bit of a surplus, thanks to private sector job growth.  That’s the message that the media will continue to ignore.

Obama took a deficit handed him by the 2006 democrat congress which controlled the purse strings and the National political agenda for the last 2 Bush years, and the first 2 Obama years.  Obama has added another 5 trillion dollars and exploded the national deficit and debt.

Obama is no Scott Walker. Obama is no fiscal conservative. Obama is no president. Obama is a political hack.

But, the media will keep lying and propagandizing trying to get Obama reelected.

God willing enough voters will have had enough of this corrupt charade to overcome the Obama media and union thug corrupted election process in November.

Dear Lord, let it be so.

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